Life is Amazing and living it is Awesome! Do you actively engage in living fully each day? Do you experience the awe in the dawning of a new day? It is an experience you have never had before. Hence the reason it is called ‘A New Day’.

I treasure the golden opportunities that each day brings. I know I can use this time as I choose, regardless to whether I acknowledge that or not. This brand new day is my gift from The Creator.

I love living life to the fullest extent possible. I love to explore new ways of doing things and meeting new people. I hunger for the knowledge of expanding my awareness through people of various backgrounds and ethnicities. I yearn to know more about how we are similar and our differences. I have translated for several Vietnamese men who have served me as my nail technicians. One I helped to learn the English language, years earlier, to prepare to take his state licensing test. Another I recently helped with a fraudulent credit card billing. Although the language is a little different I was able to help in both situations. When asked by the credit card company was I a relative, I smiled to myself thinking yes however my answer was no just an interpreter.

I have observed numerous situations where I can be of service to others and I willingly do so. I have grown to enjoy each and every single moment of the day. It is so exciting to go about the day like an explorer going on an exhibition of uncharted territory. That is what life is like, exploring an unchartered land. I have never lived this particular day before and will never live it again. So my journey into the unknown begins right now.

I step out into the vast Universe and gladly welcome the new experiences I will have present on my path today.

Life is Amazing and living it is Awesome!



Go so far beyond your comfort zone today that you touch success!

Stretch to those dreams, your dreams. Keep going until it feels very uncomfortable, like it is beginning to hurt. Stretch is the way to get you to where you say you desire to go and be.

It is the extra movement that will benefit you in the long haul of success. There is a Power that is waiting for you to stretch and touch. God is calling your name and anointing you with success. Are you willing to relinquish that old familiar routine to accomplish your goals today?

Okay, then all that is being asked of you is to do that which you have identified as being important to you. Stretch and keep stretching. Success is directly in front of you. You are only a millimeter away, keep going. Yes there it is.

Now that feels great! You have used those dormant muscles and you are so excited. You feel a sense of wonder in it all. How could I have waited all this time before realizing my dream? Well do not concern yourself with the limits you placed on yourself yesterday. That is all done and gone. Today is your day to celebrate.

Celebrate your victory of overcoming fear! We are all very proud of you. You acknowledged the agony and did not allow it to stop or hinder you. You welcomed the pain in the stretch and kept going.

Yes we all feel your excitement and your accomplishments. We feel your overwhelming Joy. We honor you for your relentless pursuit of your Success!



This is a favorite subject. Think about Love and you begin to smile. You may think about the Love of your parents or a child; an elder or friend; a significant other; or a pet. Love can be represented by the appreciation of nature, as in loving to hear the birds sing or watching the energy of a puppy getting tangled up as they play endlessly.

Love is an instant cure for health ailments and worry. Being in the state of Love is magical indeed. In this state of emotions you glow and have a sense of belonging to everything around you. Love is all inclusive, nothing is ever left out. I love being in love. I stay in love with me, first and foremost. I simply admire who I have become. I love the fact that I have gone through the pain of releasing all the guilt and shame that once occupied my every waking moment with negative emotions. I love that I am a conqueror over all the seeming disasters of my past. I love me just the way I am currently. Yes there are still some changes to be made but I am not waiting until every little thing is how I want to see it before loving myself. I love me right now, right this exact moment in time.

I attract the love of others as I remain in love with me. It is incredible, the love I receive from so many people. Some of these folks I hardly know. Some have been and are watching me from afar. Some do not even speak the same language as I but love me all the same.

Love is awesome. Love just is. Love mends old wounds and scars. Love offers hope for the present and future. Love just is. Love extended out returns to you multiplied. Love radiates and purifies the air you breathe. Love makes happy the cells in your body. Love just is.

Be in love today. Be in love with you, you are the perfect agent for this magical emotion. Be Love today. Express it in all you do and say. Show Love today to those around you.

Love; Period, end of sentence, end of story!!!


My life requires rearranging from time to time. When I sense the energy is stagnant, it is time for movement. This does not imply that something is wrong just that rearranging is in order.

Change the furniture around in your residence and witness the shift of energy. Move the sofa/couch, add pillows to it or throw a colorful piece of fabric on it. Make space and allow energy to flow in your residence. Throw things or give things away if you are cluttered. Too many articles can suffocate you and prevent you from enjoying the feeling of freedom.

Do you have areas that you ignore and pretend as if they do not exist? Perhaps a crowded closet or junk drawer or a garage could benefit from your attention. Decide today to clear one area.

Rearrange your clothes closets so that you know where things are located. Separate the clothing by season or color or by identification. All tops together, all bottoms together or blues first then reds. It’s your choice and by doing this little chore you will find clothing that you had forgotten you had.

With this same attitude of arranging, consider your thoughts and perceptions about life and living. Are there some thoughts you could discord and replace with more positive, productive ones? Are there some actions you could implement into your daily life that would have a huge impact on how you feel from day to day?

Rearranging requires you to look at a particular thing and consciously decide to change it. You can always change it back to its original state. This is one of those cost effective measures that can benefit you and not cost you anything. It might even open you up to new possibilities! Surely you will discover a different way to do the same thing. You are exercising creativity.


Looking for the perfect position, the perfect employment? The Universe has the solution, will you accept it?

I have found myself many times seeking employment, only to be employed there for awhile until I become restless with the job. Perhaps, I moved too quickly into a situation. Just maybe I did not give myself the encouragement I needed to wait on a better fit. Or just maybe I wanted this particular position so badly that I was blinded to the obstacles I may face in the future.

I believe the Universe, Holy Spirit wants to give us our deepest heartfelt desires but we become impatient with the process and jump without looking first. We become complacent and stay beyond our time. We silently expect things to change or wish that things were different. If only this or that would happen, is our constant thought.

Go to that special place within you, that place that accepts the power of prayer. Seek first to know your purpose, your special talents and gifts. When you are firm in knowing what that is for you, next ask the Universe to open the floodgates of opportunities.

When you receive your job offer from the Universe, you must stand straight up and tall in accepting that even though it appears larger than life, it is possible if you only believe in its possibility.

A perfect example of this comes from Jay and Anthony King, Founders of the PDA – Professional Domino Association. From the beginning they steadfastly believed in their vision! This job offer was from the Universe! They did not allow anything or anyone to distract them. Every move, every day was accompanied with the conviction that this is a billion dollar company! And you know what, I believe them! Their tenacity is awesome. The unwavering belief in their vision is contagious!

Your perfect, divine, right position is waiting on you. The Universe has a job offer for you….will you accept it?


What is stored in the memory of your DNA? Hope or defeat? Love or bitterness? Joy or hatred? Excitement or dread? Enthusiasm or anger? Capability or fear?

I have a friend who recently revealed a secret about himself that serves as a reminder to all of us, be aware of what you hold in your memory bank account. This friend often volunteers to read the organizational guidelines at the meetings he attends. I have been impressed by his reading ability.

While he was hospitalized I gifted him with a copy of one of my books, All My Men.This particular day, I asked him had he had an opportunity to begin reading it? I am always anxious to know what the readers think after reading one of my books. To my surprise and to his somewhat reluctance, he admitted his inability to read! That was when he shared his story with me.

During his school years he participated in a Speech Contest. One of his opponents told him, he was not going to do well because he could not read! From that point on, my friend accepted this as his reality. Understand that this was not the truth yet it became his truth. Afterall, he was competing in a Speech Contest.

He is now an adult, still unable to read as the young lady told him. When I questioned him about reading the guidelines, he told me he had committed it to his memory. This concealed the fact that he could not read.

What do you do by sheer memory? What is embedded in you that you want to conceal? Is it the false illusion given to you from some opponent or another person? Is it real or imaginary? Is it what you want to keep in your account?


For my friend he decided it had been long enough and he sought a literacy program where he could learn the art of language and reading.


Are you ready to diffuse those limiting beliefs about who you are?


Do you feel it? It’s when you are still in thought and action that it appears in the core of your being. This is when the True Essence of The Creator can penetrate your entire being.

Feel it deep within you. It is Awesome. The Awesome Presence and Power of The Most High giving and sustaining you with the Life Force Energy!

Can you feel it now? It is literally pulsating through every cell and nerve in your body. It is in the oxygen you are inhaling, allowing that breath to flow freely in and out of you.

How about now? It is in the wonder of life itself. For how can a human being come into existence from the microscopic elements that first produced it? From the trillions of possibilities, YOU were born into existence! Your life is a miracle. It is no accident or freak of nature. Yes YOU are deserving and worthy of this life. God granted you with this precious gift: Life.

Do you feel it yet? I feel it!  It is Incredibly delicious. To know that I was carefully chosen and granted the opportunity to fully experience this thing called LIFE! WOW. THANKS.

I am pulsating with the Power of the Omniscient Glow of Life!

I radiate Joy, Peace, Happiness, Compassion, Passion, Forgiveness, Hope, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Justice, and Harmony!!!

I am pulsating with the power of God! I am victorious! I am a conqueror! I am Abundantly Blessed! I am anointed with Grace and Mercy!