November 6th

My childhood Pastor called me to give me a message. Although he actually served me as a Pastor during my early adult years, he was my Pastor during the childhood years of my life. In other words even though my chronological years were that of an adult, I was still a child.

Pastor C.C. Coleman called to say “God has designed you to weather ALL storms.” His call and message are always timely and meaningful. I thanked him for allowing himself to be used as a vessel of God’s Unconditional Love to me. I received his message with full appreciation and gratitude.

What is your storm today? What test in life are you facing today? Know with certainty that God designed you especially to survive this storm and the test. God will always make a way out of no way.

There is comfort in knowing that The Master created us in such an awesome and magnificent manner, that we can withstand all storms, trials or tribulations. Give Thanks for the outcome in advance. Know that you are truly prepared to handle what ever comes your way, this day or the next. Know that God has you safely wrapped in Love, Light, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Courage and Strength.

So go ahead and take the test. You are adequately equipped with the Mind of The Most High to pass it. The Creator is smiling upon you this day as you complete the test with honors.

The test is whatever you say it is. God never tests us, there is no need for that. The test we alone call into existence for whatever reason. You are whole and complete. You are Wonderful and Wonder-filled. You are Awesome and Beautiful.



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