Like a little kid, I am asking God to give me more of this good stuff called Life! More Joy, More Love, More Abundance, More Knowledge, More Peace, More Prosperity, I want More!

I know it is my Father’s desire to give me the Best Life possible. I graciously acknowledge and accept my Blessings. And I desire More! Yes God, fill me up until I want no more. I am an open vessel to receive all that is mine. Fill me up with Gratitude. Fill me up with Thanksgiving. Fill me up with Unconditional Love. Fill me up God with Grace and Mercy! My cup runs over.

Go ahead and allow yourself to be childlike! Tell The Source you want more of the goodness of life! Shout it loud, make the walls shake with your declaration! Feel it deep inside of you! Say it again, I WANT MORE OF THIS GOOD LIFE! Mean it, visualize it, think on it. Ready, now say it again with all the strength you have. It feels awesome! Its exhilarating!

Today I am asking The Creator, The Most High to give me more of the vastness. I want my inheritance. I am ready to receive the promise made to me, a child of God. In my childlike attitude I eagerly accept and IN-joy my gifts. They are here, right now ready to be claimed by me.

Thanks God, for my many Blessings. I am a good steward of the Blessings already given to me. I know I Am worthy and deserving because I Am Your Child!

Give me more! I Want More! I accept More! I EXPECT MORE!!!


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