November 19th

Thank You all, my Loved ones around the world! I thank you for making this cyber ministry a meaningful vehicle in promoting the Goodness of God. I thank you for sharing the messages with your Loved Ones. I thank you for showing up and adding value to the life of all who are sharing in the reading of this message today.

Loved Ones, although I may not know each of you by name or face, I love you just the same. You are very special to me. I love you just the way you are and if you choose to be different I salute the change you will make. It is your choice, your uniqueness that adds flavor to the mix of humanity.

You are part of my extended family. I see you smiling and that is wonderful. I feel you not knowing if anyone will ever understand you. Understand yourself and the battle is won. For then you will show up in your authenticity which is non-negotiable. As you grow and are your best at all times, there is only true acceptance of you.

Loved Ones, I offer my complete Faith in you accomplishing whatever goals you have set before you. Know that you can and will do that which you choose to do. Know that God and the whole of humanity is waiting for you to show up in totality. We welcome the gift of you. We salute awesome, wonderful, full expression of who you are! You are beautiful! You are magnificent!

Loved Ones, as we move through this holiday season be aware of times when you can make a positive difference in the lives of others. The holidays are not necessarily joyous times for everyone. Share your gift of Love and Compassion. Let us each spread Joy all over the land.



One thought on “LOVED ONES

  1. It has been an amazing journey with you throughout the years. I love and appreciate all of the value that you give to this community. Thanks for all the blessing you have given me. Be safe and have an amazing holiday season!

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