January 10th

Curtis Mayfield produced this song many years ago. I remember when I first heard it, how soothing it was to my spirit. Today as I think on the words, I am reminded that life must be all-inclusive.

New World Order to me means I must create a New Life. This New Life is for everyone not just for myself. It means that my goals and dreams must include the masses. I can no longer think only of myself. I must ask myself, how is what I am doing affecting and effecting the whole of humanity? Am I contributing to upliftment? Am I changing bigotry and hatred? Do I see the goodness and acknowledge it? Do I encourage others to be their best? Do I honor myself, respect myself, and love myself?

As we begin a New Year let us remain vigilant in creating a New World Order. We, you and I, can do this, in whatever small or large way. Our impact is very important. We begin with ourselves. We learn and grow in positive directions. We release old worn out belief systems that limit our thinking. We release old emotions that have stolen joy from us.

I visualize my success. I visualize my wholeness. I visualize my JOY. I AM LOVE. As I allow my greatness to shine, the path is enticing to others who want to follow. They follow because they have always desired to do so just did not know how to. They follow because they understand your light even though they might not be able to express their own. So they are watching as your light shine more and more brightly each day. Choose to be a positive example. Create a New World Order where you are right now; in your home, on your job, in the community, and in your neighborhood.

I can create a New World Order. I choose to be the change I desire to manifest for humanity. I unconditionally accept others as unique expressions of life and love. My New World Order embraces everyone. My circle grows wider and wider with diversity. I accept young and older, I accept male and female, I accept ALL. I do not judge based on appearances or any other outside influence. I simply accept, that is my contribution to creating this newness. I express gratitude in all my interactions. I am made anew while establishing my personal New World Order.


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