January 23rd

Well, yesterday is gone forever. Allow the past to be just that, the past. We cannot stay in something that is no longer. So yesterday, last week, last year or twenty years ago, it is all behind us now.

Today I begin anew; fresh, fresh new ideas, fresh new attitude, and fresh new life. Today I discover a new talent. Today I summon the Power of The All -Knowing, All-Wisdom, All-Intelligence Creator. I live the best life possible this day. Today I bury the past with gratitude.

The present is all I really have. Today I live my life in thoughts of abundance and prosperity. Today I demonstrate appreciation for every thing, big and small. Today I proclaim, ‘I will understand the past is over, forever gone.’

Today is a gift. I show wisdom in my thoughts and actions. This present day I know with all certainty that my dreams, hopes and desires are mine for the asking. I am closer to their realization than ever before. I think newness. I think with clarity. I Am Grateful!

Its over, regardless of the conditions.  Its over and I am glad. I did the best I could with the knowledge that I have attained. I may choose to handle it differently the next time it comes around. But for now I am satisfied with my actions. I did do my best!

I am growing each day. I am learning the value in living and life. I do appreciate my human existence. I remain a student, always learning and expanding my knowledge and awareness. Yes, yesterday is over. Today I celebrate a brand new day with all the vigor, excitement and energy I can.


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