January 24th

M       Manifesting

O       Our

R        Reality

E        Everyday

What do you want to increase in your life? Improved health and vitality? Financial abundance? Happy and harmonious relationships? Utilizing additional gifts and talents?

You can have whatever you believe you can have. Your actions are a reflection of your thoughts, what you believe to be true about a situation.

To improve your health, you may consider your diet. Do you eat out often at fast food places? You can change and eat differently by preparing your foods which are nutritious and wholesome. You can add fresh fruits and vegetables to your list of edibles. You can walk a little longer distance each day; when you go to the mall park your car the farthest distance from the entrance or at work take a stroll to the persons office instead of calling or emailing them. There are little things that you can do to increase your health.

Financial abundance for most of us is very difficult to welcome. The thought or conversation around money is most times made in fear. We must become comfortable with the notion that we can have it. The absolute very first thing we must do is determine we are worthy and deserving of prosperity, financial blessings. I have had to repeat affirmations for months for that to sink into my core. I have looked in the mirror and said it loudly! I kept going until I could smile when I said it, then it was real for me.

Relationships, all of them are a reflection of you! So what are we bringing into the mix of others? Do you bring unconditional acceptance for the other person(s)? What do you still need to deal with around interpersonal issues before becoming involved with another? Bring JOY in and you will receive JOY. Bring in Harmony and there will be balance in the relationship. You are the key, not the other person. Bring your best and receive the best!

To get MORE, you must be willing to give MORE.

Manifesting Our Realities Everyday is our commandment!


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