March 27th

The month of March we set out to create and manifest our reality. What miracles have unfolded for you this month? Have you been able to release old habits? Is your self talk more positive and affirming?

We always have the choice to manifest miracles in our life. We can begin today, it is never too late. It is however always what you choose to do. We can allow for change and growth by reviewing our aspirations often. We are here to manifest goodness for each other. We serve others as a testimony of all the good that is circulating in our lives.

I choose to manifest miracles. In setting my mind with that intention I call forth the resources I require to accomplish my goals. Everything that is needed is already set before me. I open my eyes to see and my heart to receive from the rich storehouse of God. I am ready to manifest miracles.

I am prepared to receive my good from on High, which is my consciousness. I remain in a state of pure, true Thanksgiving. I know that as I believe so shall I reap the benefits. Therefore I stay focused on good and prosperity. I think life affirming thoughts and hold visions of abundance. I accept my Inheritance from The Most High Creator.

I am manifesting miracles daily. I am a cheerful giver and receiver. I love without expectation. I am grateful for all things which cross my path. I accept full responsibility for what I have created in my life. I now choose and am committed to a full embodiment of Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Understanding and Life.


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