April 2nd

I willingly cooperate with life. I give and receive joyously. It is through my cooperation that I am blessed and abundantly filled with every desire of my heart.

I take great care of my body temple which includes my thoughts. I guard my health by choosing a healthier lifestyle than I have done in the past. I choose living foods to nourish me. I seek to eliminate anything that may cause harm to me. My thoughts are continually on good, prosperity and abundance. I think the thoughts that will manifest my desires. That is my part of the cooperation cycle. I allow the Universe to do its part in the fulfilling of my desires. I do not push my way. I do not attempt to manipulate the speed. I know that everything is working in Divine Order and Time. I trust the process while actively contributing a positive expectation in my thoughts.

I AM an expression of the Most High here on earth. I willfully demonstrate my higher state of consciousness by cooperating with all of life. I serve as a member of a higher cooperative which honors all of humanity. Each member does their part in maintaining the pure essence of creation, to serve one another. In this state of cooperation everyone benefits and each have added value to the other. I remain in an attitude of cooperation with all of life.

As I maintain my spirit of cooperation, abundance and prosperity builds and is lavishly poured out to me. I choose cooperation as a way to live my life. I bring Light and laughter to situations requiring a higher energy. I recognize the signs and heed to them with my special ability. I serve willingly and willfully in sheer bliss to others.

My conscious energy is of cooperation. I choose to cheerfully participate in the ongoing activity of life. I give Thanks to God for my attitude. The Creator has surely shined on me and gifted me with the spirit of cooperation.


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