April 7th

Can a tree grow without having healthy roots? Do vegetables and fruits survive if the roots are damaged? Of course the answer to both of these questions is no.

What about the human roots; the roots of your immediate family or that of a generation of people? Can the effects of a damage that occurred generations ago still have an effect on you even though you are not aware of the damage? Can you restore the damage to ensure a different outcome for the remaining branches and leaves on the family tree? The future generations that are yet not born are from this same tree.

Until the damage can be detected and treated, a possibility exists for more ruin or less production of good crop. Perhaps the fruit will only be half lived, with unmet dreams unable to be realized. Perhaps more serious destruction will take place if the damage is ignored, it could mean the complete end to the tree.

We can choose to be the perfect healthy specimen to diagnose and treat the root rot. Our choice calls for great wisdom, exceptional love and a loyalty to our family that will allow for full disclosure of the history. Once the truth is shared, the teller of the story can be healed. They have kept this family secret for many years. Unable to verbalize it for fear that others would think less of the family or of them. Once they have had the opportunity to fully express the facts, they sense a relief and release. They have probably experienced some forms of disease in their body from holding onto these secrets. Help them to release and live.

To be the helper you must be strong; Strong in Faith, Truth, and Courage. Some of the truths that are revealed may be shocking. Once this is done, begin to change the situation by applying Unconditional Love to the story. Surround all involved with sincere Love and Appreciation for what they had to endure to survive. Tell them how much you honor their decisions and actions. This must be the truth for you! This must be done in absolute Love. You can hold the vision for the entire family, yours and others.

When each tree is fortified with Healthy Roots, we begin to flourish in our families. We can truly live a life full of Love and Acceptance. We can honor the diversity in others by knowing our own story.

Be a helper in treating all damaged roots. Be a part of the family that ensures a positive life by the nature of its healthy, sturdy branches.


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