April 26th

Applying knowledge is wisdom. Learning the Truth of life is Wisdom. Trusting The Creator is Wisdom. Knowing we are each created from the same Source is Wisdom.

Strength is a Spiritual gift. Spiritual strength lifts you up and over seeming obstacles and challenges in life. You can call upon the All Knowing Power at any given time and will be blessed with whatever you stand in need of. This is the lasting kind of strength that aides you in each task you decide to undertake.

I welcome the awesome power of The Most High in my life. This is my wisdom displayed and my strength increased. I know that it is God’s pleasure to bless and shower me with all that is good. I Am a child of The Infinite One. I Am an heir to all that is good and very good.

By virtue of my birthright I exercise Wisdom and Strength in each of my endeavors. I can demonstrate this power of Wisdom by knowing, by going to the secret chambers of my soul, the pure Will of God in my life. God’s Will is made plain to me. God has blessed me with this gift and I am grateful. I use this gift wisely, trusting I have received it by Mercy and Grace.

I utilize my Spiritual Strength to overcome and be a victor over all challenges. I do not allow myself to be cast aside in fear or uncertainty. I stand firm in Spiritual Strength girded with the unconditional Love of The Creator in all that I do. Physical capability is weak; Spiritual Strength is all I need to live a great life of Peace and Joy.

I give thanks for my understanding of the gifts of Wisdom and Strength.


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