Do you ever get those emails promising you tons of free stuff only to find it requires you to answer a ton of questions? I find it hilarious and usually do not finish and therefore I never claim nor receive my free stuff.

But it made me think seriously about real Free Stuff! And my list got longer the more I thought about it. So here is my partial list:

  1. Peace of Mind ā€“ this is the best free gift that I can give myself. It does not cost anything except my desire to have it. When my attention is focused on Peace then that is exactly what I receive. Even while I was in the midst of some people who appeared determined to be dramatic and in a bad mood around me, I did not attempt to change them or remove myself from their presence. But in the midst of the drama I was smiling and felt this incredible Peace in me. It seemed the more I smiled the more dramatic they became. My smile was huge by the time this encounter was over!!!
  2. Harmony of Heart ā€“ I choose to be harmonious. I choose for my heart to be Joyous and happy. My heart is my lifeline and I protect it at all costs. I accept only harmony as my motivating force. I move in harmony with all life forms around me. There are a few cats that now roam my property. They just lounge on the lawn or in the drive way. I had never noticed them before now. But they are always around. I enjoy watching them stroll, never in a hurry. So they help me to slow down and relax. The cats are teaching me harmony at a mush deeper level.
  3. MY LIFE ā€“ This is the biggee! I say this as often as I can to remind myself and others of this awesome and incredible free gift of LIFE! Just think about it, what have you done to earn an extra day of living? What deeds do you think are required of you to live a longer life? I prefer to truly, truly appreciate the time that I am given and to live it to the fullest. My time on this planet earth may end today or tomorrow and one thing I know for sure, I have not wasted any of my life in regrets, sorrows or not exploring my potential and purpose. It keeps changing and so do I.

2 thoughts on “FREE STUFF

  1. A strong post that everyone who reads it, would feel compelled to agree. But sometimes it is difficult to be kind, my husband opened a door for a young woman recently and she scowled at him causing him to wonder what he did wrong. I offered loose change to a woman at a supermarket till because she was short a small amount of money to buy her groceries, (there was only her, me and the cashier at the till) and she looked at me as though I committed a crime. Sometimes you can’t win but I agree life does keep changing and we need to do so too.

  2. I agree with you. I feel the reason people respond unkindly is that being nice or helping has become such a foreign occurrence that it catches people by surprise. We live in a fear based society that promotes being fearful of losing stuff because people will steal and rob you. Your comments made me remember a dear friend of mine came to visit me in Atlanta, we were both born and raised in Los Angeles. We had gone shopping and the man who helped us at the cash register picked up her bags she immediately scowled at him. I told her he was simply being kind and wanted to help her. She felt remorseful but she had insulted this cashier. So yes people behave in unkind ways but we still must be kind and loving. Perhaps it rub off on them and they will ‘pay it forward’. Thanks so much for your comments!!!

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