Sometimes this statement is used as a defense concerning limitations of our ability or inability to do something.

Consider this just for today; as a human you have been given dominion over all other animals; YOU are the ruler of this earth!!! You are endowed with Rights and Privileges of Royalty. You are in a VERY powerful position.

‘I’m only human’ is not a statement of weakness or small endeavors. It is a statement that demands we use our power to protect the environment. We must stop abusing our natural resources. We are to protect them just as a parent would protect their children. This planet earth is our responsibility! Our mission is to save it, not destroy it. Have thoughts today of what you can do to protect the environment and then go about doing it. We are rich in resources, natural resources. Let us discontinue being wasteful.

Our responsibility is to care for the small creatures, the animals of the earth. We have been given dominion because we can do it, because this is the Master Plan from The Most High. Not because we earned it in any way which implies we did something to have this right.

How you use your humanness is up to you. However to look at it from another perspective adds value to the worth of humans. We are created to be ‘in charge’ of this earth.

We are God’s keepers of the Palace, The Most High’s Earthly Kingdom.

I accept my powerful position as a HUMAN! I am God’s right hand man and woman here to do the work given to me.



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