Release your attachments to how it has always been done; how your family always did it this way. It was done in perfect order by your family and was appropriate for that time. It is now a new day, requiring a new thought and new actions.

We have computers that allow you to contact someone instantly. There is no longer a need to write and send a handwritten letter unless you choose to do so.

We have microwave ovens that give you the convenience of preparing a meal in a fraction of the time it did years ago. There are frozen meals that you can purchase in individual serving sizes.

There are so many advances in technologies that were not available before. Your Grandparents may not have thought that people would be walking down the streets with cellular telephones up to their ears. Or listening to music on a little contraption called an IPod or MP3.

Yet we insist on doing some things the same as when our family did not have these modern items. Just perhaps you are the revolutionary leader selected for your family to change that thought process; to be the way shower in stretching to a new way of higher thoughts and actions. Perhaps you are the chosen one to say to your family, Let It Go!  Let us think and do a ‘new thing’. Let us believe we can and teach our babies they can. Let us eat healthier because the processing of foods has certainly changed. Let us not destroy our bodies with processed food from the fast-food chains and restaurants. Let us claim our sanity and refrain from being entertained by the television.

Are you up for the opportunity to serve your family? To serve future familial generations?


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