What is your excuse for not being the person you want to be?

Is it a job that prevents you from pursuing your passion? A job that demands and takes all your energy yet you stay there anyway? Accept that job is truly a blessing to you, allowing you to live comfortably in the fashion you have chosen. It is your choice; always remember you can choose differently.

Is it a habit robbing life from you? You know it is unhealthy yet you continue anyway. You are aware of the dangers it can produce in that precious body temple of yours. You think and proclaim that one day you will stop this thing and vow to do something else. Somehow that day just never seem to materialize for you. It has become an excuse not to exercise self-expansion.

Is it a relationship that does not add value to who you are nor does it honor who you are? Yet it has become very comfortable to remain in it, to stay. You say you are being abused mentally, emotionally or spiritually….but it does not matter anymore because it feels okay and normal now. My self-esteem is sinking. It has become my safety zone for not accepting self-responsibility for my life.

Is it a lifestyle that drains everything out of you? Procrastination, fear, stubbornness, or any other belief that stops you from forward movement, yet you allow it to keep growing inside of you. These feelings feed on your constant thoughts that keep repeating themselves in your head making them real even if they are imaginary.  And soon they are so enormous that they overtake you completely, you feel trapped and unable to get out. You can always, always choose differently!!!

What is your excuse?


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