It is almost mid-month, are you ready for your total surrender?

Your inner Spirit is just waiting for you to be ready and in a space of complete receptivity to the Awesome Opportunities It has for you to witness and experience!

Spiritual surrender is releasing your will to that of a Higher Consciousness. Not my will but Your Will be done in my life, this day! This is a proclamation to God to have His/Her way in your life and affairs. By saying this simple phrase, you are activating the Supreme Being energy to be a reality in your life.

Not my will. I understand that my will is tainted and distorted by the physical that I can see or have seen. I accept that a higher purpose is in store for me. I release the limiting ego and receive the abundance of the Universe.

Not my will but…. Your Will be done in my life. I am open and receptive to standing in the place of Absolute Prosperity. The Prosperity of Peace of mind and heart. The Prosperity of Forgiveness and Acceptance. The Prosperity of Enthusiasm and Excitement. The Prosperity of Unconditional Love. The Prosperity of Harmony and Justice.

I stand with my arms stretched wide open to receiving the Mercy and Grace of God. I feel it falling down upon me like a thunder storm! I humbly receive it fully and completely. YES I accept Blessings….

I surrender to the wondrous workings and outpouring of Spirit!

I receive the Awesome Gifts of Spirit!

I give Thanks!

I Give Thanks!!



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