Go so far beyond your comfort zone today that you touch success!

Stretch to those dreams, your dreams. Keep going until it feels very uncomfortable, like it is beginning to hurt. Stretch is the way to get you to where you say you desire to go and be.

It is the extra movement that will benefit you in the long haul of success. There is a Power that is waiting for you to stretch and touch. God is calling your name and anointing you with success. Are you willing to relinquish that old familiar routine to accomplish your goals today?

Okay, then all that is being asked of you is to do that which you have identified as being important to you. Stretch and keep stretching. Success is directly in front of you. You are only a millimeter away, keep going. Yes there it is.

Now that feels great! You have used those dormant muscles and you are so excited. You feel a sense of wonder in it all. How could I have waited all this time before realizing my dream? Well do not concern yourself with the limits you placed on yourself yesterday. That is all done and gone. Today is your day to celebrate.

Celebrate your victory of overcoming fear! We are all very proud of you. You acknowledged the agony and did not allow it to stop or hinder you. You welcomed the pain in the stretch and kept going.

Yes we all feel your excitement and your accomplishments. We feel your overwhelming Joy. We honor you for your relentless pursuit of your Success!



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