I stand gazing into the eyes that are looking back at me in the mirror. I see clearly the passion of my soul. I am eye to eye with my own soul! I admire the Spirit that lives forever in my soul. I adore the Awesome, Incredible Presence of God in my soul.

Eye to eye with my soul means I accept full responsibility for the things and actions I take. I am solely responsible for my life.  All that is present I have created by conscious choice or default, by not making a decision.

What do you see as you gaze into the mirror? Is it hope and joy? Do you really know the depths of your soul? What is that yearning about? What is it that you desire to manifest in your life?

As you look deep into your own soul, give thanks. Be thankful for all that you see. You have come a long way. You are working through your own issues, sometimes it may have been difficult however you are still on the path. This process we call life is glorious indeed. It is filled with wonder, when we choose to view it that way.

Take another look. See the beauty of your Spirit! See the unlimited abundance of Love that is glowing back at you! See the miracle that is manifested as YOU! Love what you see reflected back at you! No changes, no would have or could have, simply LOVE the reflection. Wink at the reflection, flirt with the reflection. Yes, show yourself some LOVE!

I stand admiring the reflection in the mirror. I am eye to eye with my own soul and I appreciate what I feel and see.


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