In the Unity of The Most High, there is no separation. In Unity there are no labels, no titles, and no names that cause us to be separate from one another. No religious doctrine, no theology, no barriers that separate are allowed in God’s Universe. God ordains Unity by exclusion of all else.


We can fool ourselves and become so enticed by what this physical world tells us we must do, to be granted certain rights and rewards. Or we can choose to accept that our goodness is from God, where there are no titles, no initials to tell others who we are.


Who I Am? I am neither white nor black, neither male nor female, neither Christian nor Jew. I Am a reflection of the One Creator.  I am all inclusive of the One Humanity of God. I Am proudly a Child of God. I do not wear, as a badge of achievement, any other title. I Am part of you, whoever you are.


There is no separation with God. So I Am also the homeless on the street or in the shelters. I Am the one infected with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other ailments. I Am the U.S. President and I Am a prisoner in the jails. I Am all nationalities, all religions, all genders. I Am the mother-less and father-less, I Am the orphaned. I Am the one in the hospitals, I Am the one with physical disabilities. I Am the widowed. I Am the abandoned. I Am YOU!


There is no separation in The Kingdom of God. Whoever you are and wherever you may be I Am one with you.


There is no separation!


I welcome you with wide open arms of complete Acceptance. Why? Because that is how God created us to be, one with another! Sharing with and Serving one another.


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