During the busy holiday shopping days, my friend Joyce and I visited a shopping center to buy some books. The shopping center was crowded with holiday shoppers. We went about our business, not really concerned about anything in particular. As we left the book store there were several folks walking through the center with huge posters saying “Free Hugs”. I did not see them because my attention was in getting out of the crowd. However Joyce saw them and was excited to see them. She received their free gift! Joyce called to me and said “Sandy you must not have seen them.” As I turned around I witnessed the most awesome site I had seen the entire season. Several beautiful people Smiling so brightly, they lit the entire atmosphere with Love and Acceptance. Indeed I wanted my hug. I was quickly embraced with genuine Love, the hug felt like magic. It calmed me down and allowed me to reflect on the goodness of life and of this season in particular. It is an experience I will always remember. So while in the midst of confusion there is always room for expressions of LOVE!

Today, I choose to give Free Hugs! It may not be physical hugs. It can be sending Love through the cell phone lines. It can be holding a person in prayer. It can be totally absorbed in positive, life affirming thoughts about myself and others. It can be finally releasing an unloving incident with forgiveness and replacing it with thoughts of love. It can be whatever I choose it to be.

I am giving Free Hugs today! I send LOVE out into the Universe. I am sending Peace energy to everyone, those I know and those I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. I am sending the energy of Compassion. I send thoughts of pure JOY!

How many Free Hugs will I be able to give out today?


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