It is often said that death teaches us about living. For it tells us that this phenomenal precious commodity is only temporary. How do you live your life?

I choose to be of service to all of humanity, not just those who agree with or look like me in some way. I choose to accept and respect the differences between myself and others. I trust the Infinite One to have placed each person who enters my path there for a reason, a season and/or a lifetime. I handle each as if there for a lifetime. I do not want to miss any part of what I am to receive. And if only there for a short reason or season I will always remember them for a lifetime.

I live my life today, building and leaving a loving memory to those I encounter. I give my best to them in integrity and truth. I treasure who they are and that they have graciously appeared on my path.

How will you choose to live your life? The answer is only one that you can provide. You cannot look to others to answer that for you. You have sole dominion over your actions and words. We cannot say ‘they made me do it’ or ‘if it wasn’t for them I would have’ or even ‘they hurt me’. Yes it is your responsibility to rule your life. What appears in your life is exactly what you alone have created. Others come to teach you, remind you what you already know.

I choose to live my life; I choose to live this very day, in integrity. I choose to live in and by complete and total acceptance of all others. I choose to honor, cherish and love unconditionally.

What memory do you choose to leave when you make that transition from this physical form?


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