© Sandy Rodgers Ministries


February 6th

Love is so powerful. When you are in a state of love, everything around you looks and feels so positive. It’s as if nothing can or does go wrong.


This energy of love is not the typical emotion we see on television ads depicting some product to use to make you more lovable. Nor is it the kind of emotion that novels are written about simply to get you distracted from reality.


True love is the essence of each living thing. It is the very nature of all humans. Love just is. You project love in and out; it is a two way thing. You cannot possibly love something or someone on the outside without first loving yourself from the inside.


Love is positive energy and the highest form of energy. When we are ‘in love’ with ourselves we see everything differently. We accept others for who they are without a need to change them. We love the person for exactly who they are period.


Love is accommodating. Love is acceptance. Love is encouragement. Love is unconditional. Love is happiness. Love is awesome. Love is complete in and of itself.


Are you loving yourself today? Are you speaking positive, life affirming words to yourself today? Are you lifting yourself up today?


Allow the wonderful working power of Love to saturate your core this day. Accept Love as the only energy in the universe. Display Love in each word you speak to yourself today. Begin with you. Think thoughts of Love for YOU!


Feel the healing energy of Love flowing gently in your heart. Release all that does not belong in this newness. Enjoy your life. Appreciate who you are today! You are an awesome, loving and unique human creation.



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