Oneness is single. Oneness is unity. Oneness is the only reality!


We live in a world made of intricate individuals woven into a wondrous universe. The meaning of universe means one. Different cultures, yet we are all the same. We each are created from one single source, God. Regardless to what name we give to the prophet that we choose to follow and use as a Way shower, the fact remains there is only one God. Interestingly enough religion has created separation in the family of God.


When we focus our attention on the unity of humankind, we can embrace each other in complete Love. The facial features or color of the skin serves only to remind us of the awesome God that created this multi-faceted humanity. It must be a Power greater than mankind to conceive this idea. For it seems if it were left to a single entity that all would be required to be a duplicate of it. Yet in the Unlimited Expression of God, we have no two people who look alike. That is truly amazing, even identical twins are different.


I declare today as a day of celebrating the differences in humanity. Go out of your way to notice and honor someone of a different ethnic background. Learn as much as you can about them and their culture. Expand your field of acceptance, allow others into the fold. Truly honor the gift they bring to you. You might just find a true friend hidden in the identity of that stranger.


Today let us practice true acceptance. Accept people just as they are, without your limited views attached to them. Expand in your knowledge. Expand in your love, your unconditional love.


My world of friends and extended family resembles the United Nations and there is still room for others to join. I welcome with wide open arms all of God’s children into my life. I am still learning and growing about the unity and sanctity of mankind. As I grow I realize less and less of any differences and embrace the richness each person brings to my life.


Today I celebrate Oneness and Unity.


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