Do you always tell yourself the truth about the things you do? Have you developed a habit that allows you to slight the truth to you?


I stay in absolute integrity with myself. Even if it does not look like love I remain true to myself about the intent and outcome of my actions. I understand and know that I cannot hide from myself. Therefore I begin today to always tell myself the truth.


There may be times when I choose unwisely or react out of fear to certain situations. By staying and insisting I act in integrity I can begin the process of discovering who I really am. I dig deep and question my own motives and intentions. I unleash and release the hidden fears that have served to numb me to certain potential harm. When I decide my actions were not based in unconditional love, I tell myself the truth about it. Next time I will choose differently.


By practicing the art of telling myself the truth I can build upon my self accountability. Others have no control over your actions. How you react is your sole responsibility. Discovering why you do what you do will aide you in making wiser choices the next time it appears in your life.


As we become consistent in always being in integrity with ourselves we can more easily begin to always tell others the truth about a situation. We learn to express more honestly and perhaps with more love and compassion. We find we no longer have to defend our actions because we have already questioned our activities and know completely what motivated us to do what we did.


There is freedom in being in integrity with myself. I feel better and better each time I insist on telling the truth to myself. Integrity is helping me to be exactly who I choose to be.


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