May 8th


Have you ever considered the answer to that question: What makes you happy? I was asked that question recently and provided a long list of answers. When I was finished with the list I was told that none of my answers involved anything materialistic. I was then called a ‘simple kind of girl’. And I Loved IT!!!


My list went something like this; the birds singing to me in the early morning hours while it is still dark outside, the smile on a child’s face, people being treated fairly, the sunshine, the rain, walking barefoot, watching the squirrels dash across my yard, sharing with others, being able to smile and the sincere love received from others.


What makes you happy? Know that it can never be things that are temporary such as clothes or cars, the perfect mate or perfect job. Happiness must always come from within. Joy is a gift from God and it is Joy that precedes happiness.


Joy comes from the gentle flow of nature. Being alone or with a group on a lake fishing, regardless to if you catch anything or not; or sticking your bare feet into the water of an ocean or pond. Joy is watching birds glide through the sky. Happiness is having the ability to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and fully enjoying them.


What makes you happy? Is it the sound of your children playing with reckless abandon? They know the real meaning of life and do not care if they get dirty or their hair messed up. They only know to have fun. Can and will you be happy with them?


What makes you happy? Living in a world where Peace is the only law! Or having a culture of complete acceptance and honor, a society that does not judge by the outer but rather by the inner qualities.


What makes you happy? The Love of God fills me with absolute Joy and Happiness!!! Being alive makes me happy. Loving others bring me JOY!


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