June 29th

JOY will increase and add to all areas of your life.

JOY will increase your Faith in God. God is JOY and when you make it a habit you are continually connecting with the Source of all life. JOY is a magnet for attracting its likeness. You reap the benefits of bringing into your awareness more happiness and acceptance when motivated by JOY.

JOY increases your health. Your blood pressure is lowered and your vital signs all improve. The appearance of any illness stays away from a JOY attitude. Your health is improved because you are sending love to all the cells and atoms; to your blood and breath; to all the other organs you are sending well being.

JOY increases your positive outlook on life and your bountiful expectations. When you move and have your being in JOY everything looks better. You have a calmer disposition and you radiate a welcome to the good things that life has to offer. You are a welcome mat for all good to knock on your door.

JOY increases your relationships. You enjoy more loving relationships with yourself and others. You are so happy and radiant. People want to learn from you what makes you a shining light. Just tell them it is called JOY!

Fully embrace the attitude of JOY from this moment forward in your life. Watch the miracles unfold. The miracle of increase in every area of your life, the abundance of perfect health, the wonderful relationships you share with people and other miracles now have room to manifest for you.

Count it all JOY!!! Thanks God.