July we celebrate Justice. Simply defined Justice is doing the right thing.  The dictionary defines it as correct, proper; morally or legally right; upright, honorable, conscientious, and honest; righteousness.

Beginning with one’s self, our actions must be based in justice. How are you treating yourself? I give myself the best I have, the best thoughts, the best encouragement, the best of the best. I treat myself with love, honor and respect. I release the temptation to dishonor or belittle myself. I speak kind uplifting words to myself. I pick me up when things are not what I would have them to be. I pat myself on the back when I have done the best I know how to do. I appreciate the work I do. I am my biggest cheerleader.

As I celebrate my life it is easy to add to someone else’s life. I encourage others on their path. I offer supporting thoughts and words. I am a friend, the very best friend I can be to others. There are times when these friends first appear as strangers yet they remain a friend of mine. Perhaps this stranger is a person who is now showing up to bless me in their own unique way. I treasure the opportunity of building a friendship and eagerly look forward to sharing with this new person.

As you move about this month focus on justice, which means doing the right thing. Do it first and foremost for your self, then for others. Be loving with your self, be honorable and practice right thinking (righteousness). Accept yourself.

Allow justice to reign supreme in all that do, think and speak.


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