In the Stillness there is peace and harmony. In the Stillness you can feel sincere Love. In the Stillness is new life!

Set aside a time each day to become totally still. Quiet your thoughts and think only on the goodness of Life. Life is the ultimate free gift from The Creator. The Most High granted you this day in your life to use exactly as you would choose to live it. What are you choosing to do with your life this day? Will you use it for good, the good of all? Will you demonstrate complete gratitude for each thing that you have beckoned into your life? Do you get the blessing and lesson in everything that is unfolding for you?

I begin my day in Stillness. I listen to the counsel of Allah before beginning my activities. I ask Jehovah for guidance. I receive the blessings of DAO. The Source is always providing me with proper direction. It is my responsibility to obey and follow what I am being led to do. I graciously accept my role in this game of life. My journey is exactly what I have called forth into being. I recognize the true gifts and discord the others. I am made wise in the Stillness.

I connect to all living life forms in the Stillness. All life, animal and human, is a part of who I am. I acknowledge the oneness and am excited. I learn from each, the lesson they have come to teach me. In my Stillness I am part of this vast Universe, I feel it deep within me.

In the Stillness I am re-energized and made new. New thoughts and new feelings are mine. My energy soars like never before. I appreciate this awesome energy. In the Stillness I seek expression of my authentic self.

In the Stillness is where God dwells, within each and every living thing. In the Stillness I am filled to overflowing with Thanksgiving and Joy. Thanks God for my life. Thanks God for abundance and prosperity. Thanks God for the Stillness and the gifts received in the Stillness.

Thanks God!


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