It is time to move that old stale energy out and away for good! It is time to release anything and everything that does not bring you Joy of heart and Peace of mind. Just move it out.

It is time to embrace goodness, justice, faith, wholeness and unconditional LOVE! We have no time to waste, it must be done now! Procrastination robs us of vital energy, so let us not put off until tomorrow that which we know we are to rid ourselves of. Be gone, all negativity. Be gone all back biting and back stabbing. Be gone all nay sayers and dooms day worshipers. Be gone everything that does not speak LIFE into existence. Be gone, just leave.

I release a need to be considered a victim and hopeless. I am a conqueror. I am a survivor. I can and will do all that I say I will. I release and I embrace my life in totality, the fullness of good that it represents. I Am a child of God and capable and able to accomplish all that is good and worthy. I declare my wholeness right now!

Away, away from me all distractions of life. Away with thinking ill of myself and that I am not valuable. I Am worthy, capable, able and willing to show up in my Higher Consciousness that represents the true essence of who I am. My heritage is rich and vibrant, aglow with splendor and amazement.

Watch me as I soar to great heights. I have released with awesome power those things which have prevented me from being my wonderful self. I Am majestic and powerful. I exhibit my fullness with honor. God has gifted me to be Royalty and I claim my inheritance right now. I glow with God’s Spirit radiating out from me. I am a Joyous Child of The Most High Creator!

I give Thanks for my existence. Oh Thanks God for creating me and breathing life into my body! Thanks for sustaining me daily with the blood of your blood. Thanks God is all I know to say as I release all else from my life and affairs.


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