September 2nd


As you go about your daily routine today notice how often something or someone just happens along the way that keeps you from harm or danger. A car cuts in front of you while you are driving and you hit the brake or see them just in time to prevent an accident. All around people are getting sick but not you! Have you ever considered that your angel is watching over and protecting you?

Daily as I move about I feel a sense of protection. Did not know what to call IT previously, but now I know without a shadow of a doubt. It is simply GOD protecting me through all situations! Thanks God! Thanks God for sending Angels to guide and protect me on this earthly journey. Thanks God for I understand just how awesomely incredible YOUR Presence is in my life! Thanks God!

You are safe this day from hurt and harm. You awoke to a safe environment. No harm done during the night as you slumbered in a peaceful sleep. You have food to eat that provides your body with the nutrition it requires to keep you going. You have sufficient clothing to protect your body from the elements. You are ‘DIVINELY PROTECTED!’

Each day grants us with another opportunity to learn, comprehend and know that we are always divinely protected. We must know that this life is a gift and it comes fully equipped with protection from a High Source.

I am Thankful this day! I give Thanks as I move about, trusting that I am being led and governed by a force much larger than life itself. A force and source of such magnitude that it may be difficult for me to ever fully understand. Yet I willingly acknowledge my existence, wellbeing and survival is not of my doing.



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