This story was shared with me in sincerity and wonder of how God gives us signs all the time, it is up to us to recognize them.

There was this building which had several trees in the surrounding yard. One was recognized as needing to be cut down. It was not a priority and something the inhabitants of the building said they would get to some day.

And they kept putting it off. That is until one day when the rains came and caused the tree to fall upon the lines running directly to the building. The tree was rotted, the potential danger had been seen just not acted upon. All power to the building was disrupted.

The lesson that became very obvious for the storyteller is that is exactly how God does with us. God gives us warning signs, telling us things have become rotten, can be dangerous yet we ignore the signs. Then one day, our power is pulled. We can no longer call upon the power that once was available to us.

What are you ignoring that requires your attention today? How is your prayer line, your communication with Infinite Source? Are you staying connected through deliberate prayer and meditation? Are you permitting other things to interfere with your connection to The Most High?

Do not allow the storms of life to come along, uproot and unplug you. Have an emergency plan that prevents you from losing all power. Keep that plan in action. Commit that plan to memory.

An emergency plan that always works is:



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