Each visit to the nail salon is always the same. The technician removes the old polish with a solution. Next is the cutting and filing down of the over grown nail. Once the old layers are removed the technician will massage and pamper you. The final stage is the application of new polish followed by the Top Coat, which protects all the work that has just been completed!

God is the Ultimate Technician!

God is carefully removing all the old layers with a Spiritual solution.

God is filing away all the old, over grown, unnecessary doubts, worries and fears. God is cutting away the feelings of unworthiness and despair. God is clipping away at the ingrown insecurities.

God is massaging you with Unconditional Love. Pouring the oil of Forgiveness on you and rubbing you with this essential element so that it is absorbed into the very fiber of your core.

God is pampering you with Joy, Peace, Harmony, Justice and Hope! Making sure you are Satisfied!

God then lavishly pours on and applies the Top Coat of Grace and Mercy!!!

This Top Coat serves as a protectant to the new layers that have been graciously applied with loving care and generosity.


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