Looking for the perfect position, the perfect employment? The Universe has the solution, will you accept it?

I have found myself many times seeking employment, only to be employed there for awhile until I become restless with the job. Perhaps, I moved too quickly into a situation. Just maybe I did not give myself the encouragement I needed to wait on a better fit. Or just maybe I wanted this particular position so badly that I was blinded to the obstacles I may face in the future.

I believe the Universe, Holy Spirit wants to give us our deepest heartfelt desires but we become impatient with the process and jump without looking first. We become complacent and stay beyond our time. We silently expect things to change or wish that things were different. If only this or that would happen, is our constant thought.

Go to that special place within you, that place that accepts the power of prayer. Seek first to know your purpose, your special talents and gifts. When you are firm in knowing what that is for you, next ask the Universe to open the floodgates of opportunities.

When you receive your job offer from the Universe, you must stand straight up and tall in accepting that even though it appears larger than life, it is possible if you only believe in its possibility.

A perfect example of this comes from Jay and Anthony King, Founders of the PDA – Professional Domino Association. From the beginning they steadfastly believed in their vision! This job offer was from the Universe! They did not allow anything or anyone to distract them. Every move, every day was accompanied with the conviction that this is a billion dollar company! And you know what, I believe them! Their tenacity is awesome. The unwavering belief in their vision is contagious!

Your perfect, divine, right position is waiting on you. The Universe has a job offer for you….will you accept it?


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