December 3rd

Love is the most healing and harmonizing power in the Universe. Love is the most powerful and empowering vibrational energy in the Cosmos!

Love everyone and everything! Yes even those individuals who you disagree with. Afterall they are relating from their perception of life and not yours! Love the situations you currently find yourself in.

When we choose to Love all, we are indeed liberated. We go forward with a renewed prospective and attitude. Bless those whom you have previously found fault. Release them to the care of The Creator. Love is knowing and accepting who you are, without regard to someone validating your worth. Frequently you have a disagreement with another when you feel they have not validated you in some way.

Move into this month choosing to Love; accepting everyone and everything just as there are. Remember no judgments by you. Pure acceptance and gratitude they have shown up for a reason. Each has come to Bless You or teach you a lesson that only they can teach. So appreciate them and their presence. There is a Blessing wrapped inside the gift!

Choose Love as your barometer, if your actions do not reflect LOVE choose again. Love is actually all there really is, anything else is void of LOVE! God IS Love. You ARE Love!