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 January 31st

The first month of the year is about to come to an end. What magnificent accomplishments have you realized? Are you experiencing more Peace and Joy? Is your life more abundant in finances? Has your health improved? Are your relationships overflowing with Unconditional Love?

It is time to manifest exactly what we desire! Why Now? Why not now? We are ripe for the picking and choosing. Now is the time, that is why now!

When you get to the fork in the road, know you are on the right path. Then at the fork you will make the right choice. Enjoy the experience you are in currently. When you decide to do something different know that you will know it. The way and how to do it will be made crystal clear to you.

Think empowering thoughts. Now is the time to calm that inner dialogue and choose life affirming statements to say to yourself. For example:

“I will always make the Right decision!”

“In the river of life I will end up in the Ocean!”

“I Am a Success Story!”

“Now is always the right time to put something positive in my mind.”

“Now is my time to allow my Greatness to Manifest!!!”

“I Give Thanks for NOW!”




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 30th

My affirmation for today is: I AM PLANTED IN FERTILE SOIL.

I plant my seeds, my thoughts, my words and my deeds, in my heart. God resides in my heart. My heart is the Lord’s resting place. My heart is wide open to receive All Good. God is All that I need and require.

The soil has been tilled with life experiences. Experiences that have brought me to this space in time. Experiences that have stretched me beyond my comfort zone. Experiences that were not so easy to understand. Experiences that kept me going. This thing called life is wonderful and beautiful.

I Am firmly planted in Mother Earth, a rich and vibrant soil. I Am Unlimited. I Am that I Am. I plant seeds of truth deep in the soil of my heart. I cultivate the soil of my soul and keep the weeds out. I water the soil with thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I prune away all negativity. I lovingly embrace the process of growth. I am reminded some things I must let go. I must release all that do not belong in this rich soil. Only true Love can reside here.

I reap a bountiful harvest. Father time directs the order, perfect and divine. Sister Sunshine spreads her magnificent light on my desires. Brother Rain nurtures my soul.

I thank God for the seeds. I allow God’s goodness to flood my every care. Mercy and Grace leads me this day. I receive a brand new start.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 29th

It is often said that death teaches us about living. For it tells us that this phenomenal precious commodity is only temporary. How do you live your life?

I choose to be of service to all of humanity, not just those who agree with or look like me in some way. I choose to accept and respect the differences between myself and others. I trust the Infinite One to have placed each person who enters my path there for a reason, a season and/or a lifetime. I handle each as if there for a lifetime. I do not want to miss any part of what I am to receive. And if only there for a short reason or season I will always remember them for a lifetime.

I live my life today, building and leaving a loving memory to those I encounter. I give my best to them in integrity and truth. I treasure who they are and that they have graciously appeared on my path.

How will you choose to live your life? The answer is only one that you can provide. You cannot look to others to answer that for you. You have sole dominion over your actions and words. We cannot say ‘they made me do it’ or ‘if it wasn’t for them I would have’ or even ‘they hurt me’. Yes it is your responsibility to rule your life. What appears in your life is exactly what you alone have created. Others come to teach you, remind you what you already know.

I choose to live my life; I choose to live this very day, in integrity. I choose to live in and by complete and total acceptance of all others. I choose to honor, cherish and love unconditionally.

What memory do you choose to leave when you make that transition from this physical form?



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 28th

What does Authenticity mean to you? Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Being your authentic self’? Let’s take a look at this a little closer.

In using the Bible as reference, in Genesis it states we are made in the image and likeness of God. Is our authentic self then of goodness, if we are created in the image of the Supreme Being? I say, Yes!

We receive misleading statements as children which may have us think differently about ourselves. Statements like, “Be patient with me, God is not finished with me yet.”

God is finished with YOU! Now it is up to you to act as a complete person. You are alive and well, created in the image and after the likeness of God! What more could you possibly ask for? As you live and breathe, you are complete and whole. At your birth you were granted all the rights to the Kingdom. Do not allow anyone to tell you something different.

Your Authentic Self is marvelous and glorious! Your Authentic Self is radiantly alive and prosperous. Your Authentic Self knows no boundaries. Your Authentic Self knows the Power it has.

Authenticity means to shed oneself of all, everything that would allow you to think differently. Authenticity means you are created for Goodness, Prosperity, Abundance and Whole Life!

Authenticity means _________________________, you get to fill in the blank for yourself.

Live a whole life filled with compassion and acceptance for others. We are each created by the same Awesome, Merciful, All-power, Benevolent, Source some call God. Be Your Authentic Self and allow your Light to shine!



©Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 27th

I like that question? However I would like to rephrase it so it asks what thoughts are we holding in the abundance chamber of our minds?

What do you carry around with you in your wallet (thoughts)? I carry abundance, fullness, wholeness and prosperity. My wallet is filled to overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving. I carry Hope, Faith and Unconditional Love in my wallet.

I spend what’s in my wallet with care and good judgment. I know what I give out will return to me. So I do not attempt to cash counterfeit money, deceit or unforgiveness. I handle all affairs with truth and honesty. I use the correct currency, an attitude of gratitude, when paying for a purchase.

Do you know what is in your wallet? Is it empty or full? Flat or plump? How often do you check the contents? Do you know where everything is in your wallet? Is something hiding from you in there?

I clean my wallet out as often as possible to make room for more goodness in my life. So if I accepted a counterfeit, I quickly toss it away. I do not hold a grudge against the person who gave it to me. If there are any empty spaces, I fill them with Peace. If I am carrying too much in my wallet I may become lopsided, in which case I am off balance. To remain balanced is my goal. I limit what I carry in my wallet.

I only carry exactly what I need for this life; thoughts of Hope, Strength, Love, Faith and Wisdom. I have compartments for all that I wish to have manifested in my life: Blessings, Encouragement, Support, Power, Prosperity, Abundance, Integrity, and Courage.





© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 26th

The Super Bowl is only days away, are you excited? I am. The Championship gets to tell a wonderful story, about life! For to get to the Super Bowl, you have sacrificed idle time for time to practice. To get to the Super Bowl, each person made a sincere commitment to giving their best. The Super Bowl is a Team Effort, played as such and won as such.

Who is playing on your team? Have you gathered the Best players and covered all the positions? What is your strategy? Do you have the right replacements? What is your game plan?

Do you acknowledge the accomplishments of those on your team? Did the children do good in school today? Did your co-worker go the extra mile to satisfy a customer/client? Does your team know you are proud of them? Celebrate the TEAM.

What are you celebrating about your team? Are you celebrating the fact that you have agreed to serve as the leader? Are there other team members who are doing an exceptional job? Is anyone willingly making a change that they could use some encouragement or support with?

I play on a winning team, it is THE GAME OF LIFE TEAM! I practice daily. I play hard at each game. I give my best in every game. I salute the players on my TEAM with RESPECT! WE are ready to win the Super Bowl.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 25th

The other day as I was going about doing my work, I had the opportunity to contact a business associate. I sent two emails and after no response I called him and left a voicemail message.

Much to my amazement I received an email from Demetrius saying he was experiencing quiet time and would not be available until after noon. That was so cool to me and also very wise. We must have reflection and meditation time to reconnect to our Source, God.

How much time each day do you spend in quiet? How much time is devoted to being still and listening for your answers? I take a couple of hours daily. It means for me that I get up earlier for it to happen. I have been doing that for a long time. When my now adult son was younger in order for me to be able to exercise daily I had to get up an extra hour earlier than him. I reaped the benefits of beginning my day with increased circulation and energy. Now that extra time is spent in meditation and quietness.

You can handle stress and overwhelming conditions by being still. Being in a frantic state constantly only perpetuates the challenge. That is true because we do not allow guidance from The Creator when we are always too busy to listen. We gain strength and wisdom in the quiet. We increase our faith and confidence in the quiet. We trust ourselves in the quiet.

Most times, my house is very quiet. But I can crank the volume up when I want to. This is not the preferred noise level in my home. Set yours wherever you choose. In the mix of the day add in a set time to be: QUIET.

Watch how situations change. Watch how you will be inspired to do something in a different way. Listen for the Inner Guidance. Hear God speaking to you. Receive the empowering Spirit in your quiet time.

I dedicate a portion of each day to being still, in the quiet of my own Soul and Spirit.