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 January 12th

I have enlisted JOY as my constant lifetime companion. I am filled with Peace and Life with my compassion. I am never alone. I Love my companion. My companion keeps watch over me, day and night. My companion is fully trained by the ONE SOURCE, GOD.

           I have found this new companion to be the best I have ever accepted into my life. My companion, JOY, is always a willing vessel to express Life to me. I see everything differently. There is so much beauty all around me.

As I began to write this, I opened up the drapes in my office to allow the great sun rays into the room. There sat the most beautiful specimen of GOD, a wondrously clothed CARDINAL! Her color was awesome. A deep brilliant RED! Clothed like none other I have ever seen before. She sat on a branch appearing to be starring into my house, into this particular room. I was awe struck by her beauty. I just smiled with my companion JOY.

The dog next door was barking, loudly and constantly and there were cars passing down the street. But this incredibly beautiful creature looked so Peaceful and Serene, allowing nothing to disturb her Peace! I watched and learned another lesson in life. We can have and hold Peace! We can experience JOY anytime we choose. The barking of dogs or the activity of another need not disturb us.

          JOY and I sincerely appreciated this glorious vision. We will think about if often throughout this day.

My lesson and blessing today comes from a bird. I always take my clues from wherever or however God chooses to show them to me.