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 January 15th

Today I celebrate the great Trail Blazers, the Faithful men and women who did not give up or give out.  I salute the many glorious humans that paved the path with sincere Love. The brave souls that maintained courage through the work they chose to do.  I give honor and thanksgiving to those individuals who kept on keeping on through the storms and the droughts. Those who knew a better day was coming.

Today I sing praises to my Great Grandfather, Rev. Henry L. Williams, known as the Black Angel who helped build and establish churches in central Louisiana. A man who unselfishly gave so fully of himself to the benefit of others. An ordained Minister who loved all of God’s children and made his conscious contribution to humanity.

This day I say a prayer to thank my Grandmother, Mama Rosa, by being the Proud Lady that always demonstrated Unconditional Love to others. A woman who knew Whose she was, a child of the Most High Creator. A woman who did not and would not settle for anything less than respect by all who would interact with her.

Today I am grateful. Today I remember and sing praises to each of my Ancestors and to those who have gone on before me. I bring to my mind the lessons learned and the love received from each of them.

I thank God for the many who served as my extended family that I called, God Mother or God Father, brother, sister or friend. I am blessed to have had the honor of truly getting to know folks that showered me with their sincere Love; my younger brother Rudy, my step father and step mother, Aunts and Uncles, my grandparents and my parents in law. So many I cannot list them all here, however I gratefully acknowledge in my prayer time.

I thank God for the time I experienced with each of them. I thank God that I knew how to express Love to them. Thankful that I was Blessed with their presence in my life. These individuals are my heroes, my heroines, my Ancestors!

Today I say Thank You to my African Ancestors. I do not know their names, but I felt their presence while visiting in Ghana, West Africa. And to other Ancestors whose identify I am unfamiliar with, I say Thank You for Life! I say Thank You for the blood that runs through my veins that is part of you! I am Thankful for my German blood, my French European blood, my Choctaw blood and my West Indian blood. I AM THANKFUL!

Take a moment and remember your family and friends. Celebrate your cherished memories.