©Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 18th

Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? You have prayed long and hard. You have petitioned God, the Creator, Allah to Bless you. You have sat with yourself asking when your time is coming. The only question that still remains, are you really ready to receive?

Have you given sincere gratitude for what you have currently? Do you truly appreciate the goodness in your present situation? Give thanks now. Prepare yourself in a thankful attitude to fully receive your Blessings.

When your Blessings arrive, will you be able to recognize them? Do you have a fixed picture of what it will look like? Or are you open to the miraculous workings of Holy Spirit to Bless you beyond anything you could possibly imagine?

I choose to visualize always allowing room for more than what I ask for. In other words I always leave room for God to add more to my request. For instance, if I desire money I may ask for a certain amount, but my disclaimer to the Universe is always….That or something better! I desire to remain open to abundance freely flowing through my life.

I Am ready. I have opened myself to accept and firmly believe that I Am Worthy. This alone can add such wonder to your life. I stand erect knowing without doubt that I can and I will achieve my success. I talk to myself constantly, reminding myself of my goodness; reminding myself that I am created for riches of all kinds. I keep that focus firmly implanted in my thoughts.

Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? God is ready to Bless YOU! You must be ready at all times. It may not come when it’s convenient for you. It may be disguised as something else all together. Remember the parable about the person who prayed for help during a flood. Help came in three different forms but the person was waiting for his held thoughts to be manifested. So he missed being rescued three times, only because he refused the Blessings that were sent. Count it all a Blessing.

Go ahead and get yourself ready! Be grateful. Be of good cheer. Be a good steward of what you already have. And so the question remains,