© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

   January 19th

I choose Peace! I choose to be a Peace Maker and a Peace Keeper.

I choose Peace as my way of life. I give Peace and I receive Peace. I radiate Peace out into the Universe and it returns to me pressed down, shaken together and overflowing.

I do not allow anyone or anything to disturb my Peace. If a person or situation is not in alignment with Peace, I kindly ask them to leave. It is not rude or disrespectful. Rather it is an act of self-respect, insisting that confusion be kept away from you.

I walk into rooms filled with crowds of people and the energy shifts immediately because of my presence. I bring Peace and Joy. We can each do that if we choose to do it. It’s like the sunshine that warms you. Peace restores and replenishes.

My home is filled with Peace. Peace fills every nook and cranny, every corner of my home is deposited with Peace. When people visit they do not want to leave. Peace is always a welcoming agent to others. Peace soothes the soul. Then there maybe others who want to rob my dwelling of this serenity. I do not allow that to happen. It has taken time and effort to anchor my home in Peace and no one is privileged to undo it. I protect my Peace-filled dwelling like a proud parent.

Be a Peace Maker. Be a Peace Keeper. Let that thought rule your actions this day. Peace Be Still!

Sending you bountiful blessings of ABUNDANT PEACE!