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 January 20th

Okay your vision has not manifested as of yet. Can you hold on just a little longer? Or are you going to give up right before the harvest? It is only a millisecond away!

This is Harvest Time. This year is of completion and harvest. We must hold on. We must not give up. It’s our time to reap! Yes, that’s right it is our time to harvest. We have sowed with patience. We have sowed with unconditional love. We have sowed with gratitude. We have sowed with Faith. We have sowed with Joy. We reap what we sow.

Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate your life. Celebrate your ability to just keep on keeping on. Celebrate with deep appreciation. Jump, shout, and dance! Today is the day to claim your success!

It feels absolutely grand and wonderful. Our time has come, your time and mine. I feel it. I can see it. I bear witness to it. I am thankful for its arrival. I am holding to my vision.

I see a world of inspired folks, empowered to do their specialized work. I feel the energy of people who positively impact the world. I taste the sweet nectar of unconditional love circulating through every home and in every person. I hear the voices of the children who have been mentored by wise adults, who have been told they can achieve if they only believe.  Hope is alive. Faith is alive. We are alive!

Hold on to your vision. Know that this is your time of harvest.