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 January 21st

This is a Happy Day! I make this a Happy Day! I thank God for this Happy Day!

I allow only thoughts of happiness, wholeness, abundance and prosperity to linger in my thoughts today. I think upon the goodness that is around me and I give thanks. I enjoy the wonder in this day. I am an expression of Joy and Happiness today!

I share a smile. I share a hearty laugh. I tell a joke. Oh this is a Happy Day! My mind is stayed on Happiness. I see miracles unfolding all around me and I am Happy! I see the smiling face of a child and I share in that joy. I embrace my loved ones with Happy Thoughts. I radiate Happiness into the Universe.

Today is my day of Happiness! I AM HAPPY! I AM HAPPY! I AM HAPPY! Oh that feels so good!!! Happy actions, Happy thoughts, Happy words are mine this day. I claim it and I experience it.

Oh Happy Day. What a wonder-filled attitude! Nothing can or will disturb my Happiness for I only think thoughts of Happiness today.

Short and Sweet, OH HAPPY DAY!!!