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 January 22nd

Please join my Comedy Club. Listed below are the requirements.

  1. Turn all seeming challenges into a Comedy Production. Just as we can give focus and attention to dramatics we can give our complete awareness to fun and comedy. If something appears that you do not like, turn it into a comedy. Make it a Grammy Award winning production. What is your favorite Comedy? Duplicate it with whatever you have identified as a challenge. Have some fun with it. Gather the best actors you can think of to star in your production. Watch it on the big screen and laugh as hard as you can.
  2. SMILE! Comedy is meant to make you smile. So go ahead and smile that gigantic cheese smile! Let the world and yourself know that It’s All Good! Stress melts away when you smile. To smile is to show appreciation. Smile and I will smile with you! I love to see a person smiling. It lets me know everything is going to be okay.
  3. Comedy Coaches are recommended. If you are having difficulty in finding the laughter in your circumstances elicit a Comedy Coach. You know a person that can make you smile even in the midst of what you have labeled as a challenge. Call them NOW! Allow yourself to be uplifted!

How many will join my Comedy Club? It is a great opportunity to live life fully and completely in JOY!

There is no deadline to enter. When you are ready please consider the rewards of membership; longer life, no stress, spreading Joy, and fully engaged in appreciating the free gift of existence!