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 February 9th

Have Faith in all situations. Trust The Creator. The Infinite Most High is always in charge.

The Creator of all things has a plan and purpose for your life. That very thought is incredible. When we think things are not working as planned is probably the time when things are working out just as they should. Trust the process. Some things are being moved out. They are being replaced for a reason. Something better awaits you. You are being Blessed.

God has All Power. I allow God control over my life and affairs. I allow the Omnipotent One dominion of my affairs. I realize miracle after miracle manifesting in every area of my life. I accept the prize(s) with gratitude.

God is in charge. The Omniscient One directs my steps on this journey of life. I am obedient to meditation and listening for my instructions. I still my mind as answers are revealed to me during prayer time.

The Omnipresence of God protects me in all ventures. I know I Am divinely led to the best outcome for whatever I am faced with. I surrender all to this presence and power.

As I allow the Protection of God to enfold me, I release worry, doubt and fear. They are no longer welcomed visitors in my reality. I embrace Peace and Joy. I am confident and calm. I am relaxed and serene.

I Am thankful, filled with appreciation and gratitude! I enjoy my life and the various conditions that appear on my path. I release and I let go.