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 February 12th

Who are you?

During sessions with Common Ground, an AIDS support program in Atlanta we have discussed how labeling can and does affect an individual. Society shuns individuals by any number of labels we place on them. For instance, with my beloved family at Common Ground; some have been ridiculed for being gay, told they are sinners, contracted the virus because God is mad at them and God is disappointed in them therefore they will never get into heaven. So how does an individual fit in when their way of life is different from the majority? They choose to lie instead. So there are men in the group who have participated in the deceit and game of Down Low because they were compelled to be accepted. There are men in this group who have fully accepted and believed this nonsense of being no good about themselves. I shout it to the rooftops in my attempt to get them to see their value as a human. I tell them they are a CHILD OF GOD, period end of conversation.

I ask them not to allow anyone to label them. Just because someone has a different perspective on life does not make them or give them authority to ridicule, dishonor or call them names. Nor do these individuals have the right to do so.

Our only label is a CHILD OF GOD. Our true nature is of God. In that description of our very core and real identity there is no room and no need for labels such as man, woman, Black, White, believer, non-believer, heterosexual, homosexual, married, Christian, Jew, Pastor or any other label.

Labels are used to create separation. God’s plan for mankind is for inclusion and unity. God’s plan is for unconditional love for everyone. When we are governed by labels and insistent on their use to define who we are then in fact we are causing separation in the body of God. No separation exists there.

I welcome all into my world. I was recently adopted by a Chinese friend who insists that I am now her sister. I am proud and honored to be considered a sister to this woman, who is a very wonderful person. I have no need to exclude folks from my reality. There is no separation in my reality.

Truth in Labeling – Who Are YOU?