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 March 6th

I begin each day by listening for the melodic sounds of the birds that call my property their home. I can hear such a vast array of melodies. They are all around together creating a perfect symphony.

Have you ever noticed two strange animals meeting for the first time? There is usually a sense of curiosity and then a romping good time shared. I sit and watch. I find it incredible that the least advanced forms of creation can live in complete harmony!

In my back yard are wild rabbits, squirrels, stray cats and birds. I have never witnessed a struggle or fight with them. They just seem to come and go, allowing the other the freedom to do as they please.

How about observing plant growth? The weeds and the beautiful flowers can coexist side by side, growing in the same patch of earth.

I choose to allow the simple life forms to teach me how to live. I choose to live in harmony with all others. My way is my way. It is no better or worse than someone else. I do not judge people. I trust we are all doing the best we can at any given time. When we know better, we do better.

I choose harmony as the corner stone of my personal sanctuary. I create and live in harmony. Harmony is music to my ears, to my life. As I encounter people with different views than my own, I stop and listen eagerly wanting to learn from them. I love the variety in people. I love to see the richness in each culture. I appreciate knowing that we each exist to add beauty to the other.

Harmony is a grand opportunity to show gratitude for one’s life. I choose to live IN harmony today and always.