July 22nd


God has blessed your name with greatness. Will you accept your gifts from The Creator?


You are created for Greatness! I am relaying a message to you from on high. Your life has value and meaning. You are gifted in many ways and talented beyond measure. God said “You are a child of Abundance and Prosperity, of Knowledge and Wisdom, of Faith and Clarity, of Great Understanding and Unlimited Love!” 


When you communicate with The Source, trust you are already Blessed. Communicate from a place of high esteem and reverence. Know that The Universe is waiting for you to claim your inheritance. Like checking your numbers as they announce the lotto numbers for the next drawing; Your name, your numbers are being called and it is your time to claim your prize!


Collect your prize. Know that it is yours to have and to keep. Your name has been placed on the ledger of Greatness! Yes your name has been placed there by God, The All Knowing, Infinite Intelligence. WOW and to know that all you have to do is accept it and claim it. Go ahead and accept it right here, right now. You will make us all very happy to know you are stepping into your rightful place of Greatness!


God has called your name to honor with more life and more abundance, to respect you with your hearts desire. I see you, almost ready to accept it. Just one more move and you are finally there! God has smiled on you and demands only the very best is for you.


Thanks God for the wondrous, plentiful Blessings. I accept. I accept. I accept. Praises go up! I Praise God for the infinite blessings I am receiving.


This is your child, Thanking You for Blessing ME! Thanks God…..



July 21st


Are you ready for the breakthrough to your passion?Get ready.

You must get excited about your passion. You can breathe life into your dreams and visions with your passion of it.


Today I awake feeling like a creator because I am. Today I set my action into motion with my pure sheer passion to accomplish that which has been driving me all this time. I know what my passion is and I go forth with it like a locomotive loose on a rail track. I am unstoppable. I pursue and I accomplish. I am crystal clear about my dreams and goals.


I breakthrough to my passion today. I am ready, I am set and I go all the way this time. There is no holding me back. I finally get it. I am the only one who can move me or stop me. I cannot in good consciousness blame my lack of success on anything outside of me. I am the only one who will make my dreams and goals come true. But you know what? God has given me the dreams and goals along with the emotion of Passion and I am so extremely excited. I can feel myself reaching the finish line. I feel the rush of adrenaline flowing through my veins. I have gotten a fresh breath and filled with enough oxygen to last the long run!


Today I breakthrough to my passion!! Its feels absolutely wonderful and invigorating!! Nothing can stop me now. Full steam ahead for me. I am empowered with a new respect for who I really am. I know my strength and endurance. I know I can. I know I will. I breakthrough. My passion is fully exposed for all to witness and appreciate.


I am my own best cheering squad! Okay God let’s go for the gusto with all that we have!!!!





July 20th


It is time to move that old stale energy out and away for good! It is time to release anything and everything that does not bring you Joy of heart and Peace of mind. Just move it out.


It is time to embrace goodness, justice, faith, wholeness and unconditional LOVE! We have no time to waste, it must be done now! Procrastination robs us of vital energy, so let us not put off until tomorrow that which we know we are to rid ourselves of. Be gone, all negativity. Be gone all back biting and back stabbing. Be gone all nay sayers and dooms day worshipers. Be gone everything that does not speak LIFE into existence. Be gone, just leave.


I release a need to be considered a victim and hopeless. I am a conqueror. I am a survivor. I can and will do all that I say I will. I release and I embrace my life in totality, the fullness of good that it represents. I Am a child of God and capable and able to accomplish all that is good and worthy. I declare my wholeness right now!


Away, away from me all distractions of life. Away with thinking ill of myself and that I am not valuable. I Am worthy, capable, able and willing to show up in my Higher Consciousness that represents the true essence of who I am. My heritage is rich and vibrant, aglow with splendor and amazement.


Watch me as I soar to great heights. I have released with awesome power those things which have prevented me from being my wonderful self. I Am majestic and powerful. I exhibit my fullness with honor. God has gifted me to be Royalty and I claim my inheritance right now. I glow with God’s Spirit radiating out from me. I am a Joyous Child of The Most High Creator!


I give Thanks for my existence. Oh Thanks God for creating me and breathing life into my body! Thanks for sustaining me daily with the blood of your blood. Thanks God is all I know to say as I release all else from my life and affairs.



July 19th


Our friends are our presents from God. They are our earthly Angels. They have come to protect and guide us through life. They have come to offer us unconditional love and acceptance, just as we are.


I share the wonder of friendship with as many as I can. Friends are like twinkling stars on a lonely night, adding light to the darkness of the night.

Some serve as the Moon or the Galaxy of the skies. They know when to appear for us. They can sense danger or trouble without us having to tell them about the situation. They just sense we need them and they show up ready to serve us in our every need.


Friends are the appetizer to a great meal. Friends feed us with pure love. They satisfy our every hunger for good wholesome fun and nourishment. Friends are like a fattening desert, tasty and just a little on the wild side.


Friends are like a cool drink on a hot summer day; refreshing our thirst with kindness and generosity; filling our bodies up with necessary liquids. Friends just know what and when to do what they do. Words are hardly ever needed because they can feel you, even from a distance.


I treasure friendships and friends. My friends are a reflection of who I am. My friends are of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds. My friends encompass the globe of life. Some I have know for a lifetime while others I am just beginning to share with. Either way they have chosen to show up in my life, it always feel good to reconnect with them. Has your heart stopped when you see a friend who has been absent from your life for a long time?  Seeing them again is like a brisk breath of fresh air. All I want to do is embrace them with all the love I have for them.


Friends are JOY!! Friends are SPECIAL!! Friends are God’s GIFTS!!!



July 18th


The way you do anything is the way you do everything!


Strong statement but its true. Do you always handle situations and people with integrity and truth? Do you always show up being your authentic self?


I choose to always show up in my authenticity regardless to where I choose to go or where I may find myself. I love the person I have become. I treasure the gifts I have been given to share with the world. I feel honored that God would bless me with these gifts and I gladly show my appreciation by proudly displaying myself in true form.


I do my best to always share in honesty and truth, however there are times when I truly wished I was not asked a particular question. What I have come to accept with complete Faith is that I must be honest because I desire that to always be my communication with others. I desire for others to always be honest with me. There have been times when hearing the other person’s truth was difficult to hear but I heard it none the less. This is my way to honor and respect the truth of who they are.


My integrity is all I have to offer. My word is my bond. Even in times when I am tired and really do not want to go and participate, it becomes difficult for me not to honor my word. And when the situation is beyond my abilities I tell the person I cannot do what I had promised to do in truth. I do not make up a long story which sounds good, I share the truth. Likewise when I have committed to do something I do it with ease and joy. I know I am fulfilling my word, my promise.


This can be especially challenging with one’s self. Because we think we can fool ourselves by avoiding and not telling the truth. But at our core we know the truth and believe me it will set you free to tell it. No longer do I judge myself by or with others. I am a unique expression and no one will ever do anything the same way that I will. I accept it is perfectly okay to allow others to fully express who they are as well.


The way you do anything is the way you do everything!



July 17th


When this day is over may I have been fair and just with everyone.


When this day is over may I have lived a day filled with Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Forgiveness.


When this day is over may I have added value to someone’s life.


When this day is over may I rest my head knowing that I did the best I knew to do with all situations.


When this day is over may I have shown appreciation to God for my life.


When this day is over may I have reaped awesome benefits of bountiful blessings.


When this day is over may The Creator say, ‘Good job my faithful Servant.’


When this day is over may I have shed my Light for others to see.


When this day is over may I have grown in some area, may I have gained knowledge and wisdom.


When this day is over may I have stayed on course of fulfilling my purpose and living out my destiny.


When this day is over may I have lived life in total forgiveness and complete acceptance of others.






July 16th


It is always darkest before the light, is a phrase I have heard many times before. In the darkness is where new life is formed and created. Do not be fooled by the darkness and think it will always be dark. The Light is just on the other side, it is the opposite of the darkness.


Some people give up while in the darkest of times. Perhaps they give up just before the dream is realized. Perhaps the dream is at its last stage of development and of becoming a reality. But if you give up too soon you will never know if the dream was possible. Believe it is always possible. It may not come when you think it should, but it will surely come into full manifestation. Hold on through the darkest hours. When you get to the point of almost being exactly where you want to be, please do not give up. Wait! Trust the process and garner all the Faith you can and keep going.


The Light is always shining, although sometime it may be hiding behind a cloud or other obstruction. The Light is where dreams are realized. The Light is the place you truly desire to be. Go to The Light. Do not become discouraged by a temporary dark spell. Something is growing in the darkness. Plants grow below the surface of the ground in complete darkness. Film is developed in a dark room into beautiful pictures. There is wonder in the darkness. We get to rest in the darkness.


Just as a new day is born from a night of darkness so will your hopes and dreams manifest for you out of the darkest hours. The darkness builds character and stamina, both qualities you will require in the pursuit of realizing your goals. Welcome the quietness of the dark times. Be kind and loving to yourself during this period of time. Your energy level may be low and needs to be replenished. This is good because you cannot function on high octane constantly. You require rest. Be grateful for all things, all the time.


THE LIGHT IS ALWAYS SHINING. You just might not be able to see it clearly with your human eyes.