April 2nd

I willingly cooperate with life. I give and receive joyously. It is through my cooperation that I am blessed and abundantly filled with every desire of my heart.

I take great care of my body temple which includes my thoughts. I guard my health by choosing a healthier lifestyle than I have done in the past. I choose living foods to nourish me. I seek to eliminate anything that may cause harm to me. My thoughts are continually on good, prosperity and abundance. I think the thoughts that will manifest my desires. That is my part of the cooperation cycle. I allow the Universe to do its part in the fulfilling of my desires. I do not push my way. I do not attempt to manipulate the speed. I know that everything is working in Divine Order and Time. I trust the process while actively contributing a positive expectation in my thoughts.

I AM an expression of the Most High here on earth. I willfully demonstrate my higher state of consciousness by cooperating with all of life. I serve as a member of a higher cooperative which honors all of humanity. Each member does their part in maintaining the pure essence of creation, to serve one another. In this state of cooperation everyone benefits and each have added value to the other. I remain in an attitude of cooperation with all of life.

As I maintain my spirit of cooperation, abundance and prosperity builds and is lavishly poured out to me. I choose cooperation as a way to live my life. I bring Light and laughter to situations requiring a higher energy. I recognize the signs and heed to them with my special ability. I serve willingly and willfully in sheer bliss to others.

My conscious energy is of cooperation. I choose to cheerfully participate in the ongoing activity of life. I give Thanks to God for my attitude. The Creator has surely shined on me and gifted me with the spirit of cooperation.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 March 3rd

What God has for you is beyond your wildest imagination! You cannot fathom the richness, the prosperity, the abundance that awaits you!

God created the Storehouse of Plenty! The Creator said ‘you can have everything that you desire’. The Source of all creation is simply waiting for you to make your request known. WOW!

You must be and remain open and receptive to the Good that is yours. Never allow thoughts or words to contradict your acceptance of Blessings. Trust that it is yours. Watch God show out in your life. The Blessings will begin to flood your life in every area.

Pray constantly with Thanksgiving. Thank God for every detail of your present situation. Thank God for Mercy and Grace. Thank God for life. Let Thanksgiving be your constant prayer.

Meditate on the Goodness of God, your life and all humanity. Surround loved ones in your meditation with perfect health and wholeness. Send those healing energy vibrations out into the universe.

Be prepared to receive. Eliminate all negative thoughts and words from you. Permit only thoughts and words of abundance, life, health and prosperity to linger in you. Saturate yourself in loving thoughts and actions. Yes YOU are worthy and deserving of the best. You must believe this and as you allow yourself to trust, watch it appear abundantly in your life. It is that easy.

The Source seeks to Bless you beyond your wildest imagination! Be ready to receive it. God is, therefore you are. What God has for you is for you!


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 2nd

What is the perfect season for love?

Is it springtime when new life is arriving daily through new blooms on trees? The colors are bright and refreshing, rather majestic. Newness of life – green leaves sprouting from most trees. The Dogwoods are in their ultimate glory.

How about summer as the season of Love? The sun shines more regularly and warms the body and soul. Folks are out and about visiting each other, like family reunions, graduations and weddings. We look forward to going to the beaches where we will enjoy the sand, beach and water.

Fall might be the season of Love. In the fall we see plant life changing once again. All around is the vibrant colorful spectacle of gold, rust, brown and orange. This season is the most thought of for Thanksgiving. At this time we celebrate and give thanks for our multitude of Blessings.

Or is winter the magical season of Love? Christmas ushers in the winter season and we joyously celebrate Life. Then the New Year rolls in and we reflect on the year that has just passed and make resolutions for the upcoming 365 days. We are quieter during this season because as with the natural cycle of life, we must rest!

Each Season described has its own special reason to be the season of Love.

Love is in every season.

Love is in every month.

Love is in every day.





© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 7th

God designed life to be simple. Jesus came to demonstrate to us the ease and joy of human existence. Yet with our intellectual prowess, we have managed to create a very difficult and challenging human existence.  We have created countless theories to discount our very core of goodness. Millions of dollars have been spent on or in the quest of self-discovery or self-improvement.

The very language of our formative years, may have taught us to not be great, because in so doing we would become self-centered.  As an adult, being self-centered is a good quality, when that centeredness is acknowledging our Christ-consciousness.  Self centeredness only becomes undesirable when we allow the ego to guide and control our actions and words.

When we return to our natural state of pure love, our Christ-self, we simplify our life.  The simplicity is living in unconditional love, that is not judging people, conditions or situations.  When we love completely, we live in a state of total acceptance and full forgiveness.  In accepting and forgiving we discover our power, an awesome power that shines brightly through us to illumine our path and makes our way easy to see and understand.

To release your power, choose to live in the Light and Love of your Christ-consciousness. As you release all held judgments and begin to forgive, miracles will unfold in your life.  Life for you will become new.  The newness is in seeing everything from a higher consciousness.  This action is very liberating and allows the goodness of God to penetrate the very core of your being.  As you begin to love unconditionally, you will notice that the act of judging has caused havoc for you.  Havoc disguised as physical ailments or unhappy relationships.

There is power and new life in Love. Colossians 3:10 states, “You are living a brand new life that is continually learning more and more of what is right, and trying constantly to be more and more like Christ who created this new life within you.” (The Living Bible translation). Love is purifying, cleansing the blockages of unforgiveness and judgment. Colossians 3:14, “Most of all, let love guide your life, for then the whole church will stay together in perfect harmony.” This also applies to your other relationships as well; in your family, with your friends, on the job and all other encounters.  The power you will receive is abundantly rich with blessings of all kinds.

Learn to love.  Begin by embracing the uniqueness and diversity in all people.  Allow people to express themselves without your judgment.  Honor your neighbor with respect.  Be a helpmate to those requiring a helping hand or encouraging word. Do not destroy another with negative words or thoughts. Love others where they are. Love yourself unconditionally. Loving is healing in action.  This is truly your power and it is enthusiastic and energizing.

Your power of Love is waiting to be released!



December 4th

As I sit and am still, in the silence of my own heart, I completely appreciate all that is present in my life. I am thankful to be alive. I value my family and friends. My life is filled to overflowing with the true gifts of this existence.

My life is as I make it! Situations and people show up as I call them forth into being present. The lessons I learn are the ones I have told the Universe I need to develop. It is funny that sometimes I moan about what is showing up but when I accept the lessons, I relax.

So I am always in awe of how my beautiful life is projected on the movie screen of my reality. I love my life with all of the blessings I receive from the lessons I experience. Like when I say I want to work on patience, magically an opportunity will appear for me to truly understand what true patience looks like. Nevertheless, how can I appreciate the beauty in patience if I will not openly allow the situations that will teach me into my world?

Be careful of the lessons you proclaim to the Universe you want to learn. Your thoughts and words are strong broadcasters. Your words are very powerful and they do not go unfulfilled. Your thoughts are like radio waves that broadcast your energy to manifest your ideas. Your words are similar to a computer, a worldwide web of connections that unite to bring forth those things you speak of into reality.

Today I purposely tell the Universe exactly what I desire. My words and thoughts are positive and uplifting. I refuse to allow any negative thoughts to enter into my reality on this day of my life. I will take this action one day at a time until I have mastered it. What I think on and speak will eventually show up in my life and affairs.

I choose for my life to be filled to overflowing with LOVE! I choose for the warmth of this deep satisfying Energy to totally overtake me, to capture my every movement. In the silence, I give thanks for a magnificent life. In the silence I am satisfied.

Oh how sweet is my life; Sweet with the wondrous aroma of Love. Just for today I relax and bathe myself in unconditional Love of who I am. I am so beautiful! I am so unique! I am so intelligent! I matter!

Today, I am grateful for LIFE AND LOVE!!



December 1st

December we celebrate and honor Devotion as our theme.

Devotion is described by Webster as a loyalty or deep affection.

So the question for you today is what do you honor with your devotion? Do you spend quality time in prayer and meditation? Do you still your mind and connect with Source? Do you allow yourself Peace and calm throughout the day?

I use my time in affirmative prayer. I surround my loved ones in love and harmony. I take time daily to reflect and give Thanks for all that I have, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am grateful for all of my experiences. I use my time constructively, thinking on those things I will manifest.

My devotion is dedicated to the upliftment of all humanity. I pray without ceasing for world peace. I envision a world filled with peace and humility. I see the heads of state learning a new way of living. I see the leaders surrendering their need to be right and in control to a higher energy of cooperation and unity.

I devote my time to creating a better environment. I assist others in their quest for empowerment. I seek ways to encourage and motivate. I am a catalyst for change, inspiring transformation of myself and others.

I use my time in devotion to send the healing energy of compassion out into the cosmos. I think on thoughts of Peace and Love, Faith and Hope, Wisdom and Strength. My devotion is dedicated to creating an improved state of affairs worldwide.


My devotion is of healing, peace and renewal, acceptance and unity.


I give up my companion, worry. I release worry forever!

I choose to live my life in complete Trust and Faith in the goodness of The Creator. I trust the process of abundant living. I open myself to receive the awesome gifts from On High.

The Source has granted me this day to live. I live today in Trust and Faith.

There will always be enough, exceedingly abundantly enough. My Source gives and gives and I Am Thankful. There is plenty of Sunshine to light my way. There is an abundant Universe providing my every need with exactness.

I choose to live this day in the fullness of life! I choose to live in Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. I know all my needs are met by the Grace and Mercy of God. I have Faith enough to remove all mountains of fear and lack. My Faith is unwavering. My Faith knows that everything is going to be alright. My Faith knows that everything is already ALL RIGHT!

Oh Thanks God for the opportunity for me to Give Thanks to this day! God I say Thanks because I can. My life is rich and overflowing with prosperity in every area. My Loved ones are many. My cup runs over with gifts of sincere, genuine Love and Gratitude. My supply is constant.

Give us this day our daily bread. I have received my daily bread of life this day. I feast on the promises of God and remain Thankful. My daily bread is Life, which I have received this day. Oh Thanks Creator for life.

I live in Trust and Faith knowing that as I recognize the gifts given to me, the more they will multiply.

Every area of my life represents prosperity. I accept the Blessings, my Blessings.

I Am renewed in Trust and Faith this day. Thanks God.