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  January 10th

Curtis Mayfield produced this song many years ago. I remember when I first heard it, how soothing it was to my spirit. Today as I think on the words, I am reminded that life must be all-inclusive.

New World Order to me means I must create a New Life. This New Life is for everyone not just for myself. It means that my goals and dreams must include the masses. I can no longer think only of myself. I must ask myself, how is what I am doing affecting and effecting the whole of humanity? Am I contributing to upliftment? Am I changing bigotry and hatred? Do I see the goodness and acknowledge it? Do I encourage others to be their best? Do I honor myself, respect myself, and love myself?

As we begin a New Year let us remain vigilant in creating a New World Order. We, you and I, can do this, in whatever small or large way. Our impact is very important. We begin with ourselves. We learn and grow in positive directions. We release old worn out belief systems that limit our thinking. We release old emotions that have stolen joy from us.

I visualize my success. I visualize my wholeness. I visualize my JOY. I AM LOVE. As I allow my greatness to shine, the path is enticing to others who want to follow. They follow because they have always desired to do so just did not know how to. They follow because they understand your light even though they might not be able to express their own. So they are watching as your light shine more and more brightly each day. Choose to be a positive example. Create a New World Order where you are right now; in your home, on your job, in the community, and in your neighborhood.

I can create a New World Order. I choose to be the change I desire to manifest for humanity. I unconditionally accept others as unique expressions of life and love. My New World Order embraces everyone. My circle grows wider and wider with diversity. I accept young and older, I accept male and female, I accept ALL. I do not judge based on appearances or any other outside influence. I simply accept, that is my contribution to creating this newness. I express gratitude in all my interactions. I am made anew while establishing my personal New World Order.




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 January 9th

During the busy holiday shopping days, my friend Joyce and I visited a shopping center to buy some books. The shopping center was crowded with holiday shoppers. We went about our business, not really concerned about anything in particular. As we left the book store there were several folks walking through the center with huge posters saying “Free Hugs”. I did not see them because my attention was in getting out of the crowd. However Joyce saw them and was excited to see them. She received their free gift! Joyce called to me and said “Sandy you must not have seen them.” As I turned around I witnessed the most awesome site I had seen the entire season. Several beautiful people Smiling so brightly, they lit the entire atmosphere with Love and Acceptance. Indeed I wanted my hug. I was quickly embraced with genuine Love, the hug felt like magic. It calmed me down and allowed me to reflect on the goodness of life and of this season in particular. It is an experience I will always remember. So while in the midst of confusion there is always room for expressions of LOVE!

Today, I choose to give Free Hugs! It may not be physical hugs. It can be sending Love through the cell phone lines. It can be holding a person in prayer. It can be totally absorbed in positive, life affirming thoughts about myself and others. It can be finally releasing an unloving incident with forgiveness and replacing it with thoughts of love. It can be whatever I choose it to be.

I am giving Free Hugs today! I send LOVE out into the Universe. I am sending Peace energy to everyone, those I know and those I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. I am sending the energy of Compassion. I send thoughts of pure JOY! 

How many Free Hugs will I be able to give out today?



allow tomorrow to take of itself

© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 8th

           Today I will live life to its fullest. I will do all that I know is important. I will love unconditionally. I will forgive myself and others. I will allow my light to shine brightly. I will glow with enthusiasm and excitement. I will shower others with my goodness by being kind, patient and generous.

Today, this very present moment is a precious gift. Today I do what I choose to do with sincerity. I know today will be replaced with my memories and I choose to have those memories be pleasant and wondrous. I accept this day as a gift and treasure it as such. This day well lived, filled to overflowing with Love, will benefit me and everyone I interact with.

Today I honor Life by being the best me I can be. Today I release all that no longer serves the direction I am choosing. I release fear and uncertainty. I accept abundance and prosperity in all areas of my existence. I receive unconditional love from each person. I accept that love graciously.

Today I choose LIFE! Life is Faith! We do not know what lies ahead of us. So we move about in pure faith at all times. We trust that we will survive this day. Going forward in absolute Faith, means declaring and receiving only the best. Give your best this day. This day is all we have.

Today I give Thanks to God, the Creator of all things for choosing me to express as only I can. I give Thanks to Allah for the Mercy that is continuously flooding my life. I give Thanks to Jesus for being my Way Shower.  I give Thanks to Buddha and Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King for demonstrating Peace, Wisdom and Pure Love for all of humanity. I give Thanks to my Ancestors for paving the way with determination and Love. I give Thanks for all of my Angels that appear in human form.  I give Thanks that I can also serve as a humble expression of God’s Love.

Today I Am Thankful for Life! I Let Today Be Well Lived!!!



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 7th

God designed life to be simple. Jesus came to demonstrate to us the ease and joy of human existence. Yet with our intellectual prowess, we have managed to create a very difficult and challenging human existence.  We have created countless theories to discount our very core of goodness. Millions of dollars have been spent on or in the quest of self-discovery or self-improvement.

The very language of our formative years, may have taught us to not be great, because in so doing we would become self-centered.  As an adult, being self-centered is a good quality, when that centeredness is acknowledging our Christ-consciousness.  Self centeredness only becomes undesirable when we allow the ego to guide and control our actions and words.

When we return to our natural state of pure love, our Christ-self, we simplify our life.  The simplicity is living in unconditional love, that is not judging people, conditions or situations.  When we love completely, we live in a state of total acceptance and full forgiveness.  In accepting and forgiving we discover our power, an awesome power that shines brightly through us to illumine our path and makes our way easy to see and understand.

To release your power, choose to live in the Light and Love of your Christ-consciousness. As you release all held judgments and begin to forgive, miracles will unfold in your life.  Life for you will become new.  The newness is in seeing everything from a higher consciousness.  This action is very liberating and allows the goodness of God to penetrate the very core of your being.  As you begin to love unconditionally, you will notice that the act of judging has caused havoc for you.  Havoc disguised as physical ailments or unhappy relationships.

There is power and new life in Love. Colossians 3:10 states, “You are living a brand new life that is continually learning more and more of what is right, and trying constantly to be more and more like Christ who created this new life within you.” (The Living Bible translation). Love is purifying, cleansing the blockages of unforgiveness and judgment. Colossians 3:14, “Most of all, let love guide your life, for then the whole church will stay together in perfect harmony.” This also applies to your other relationships as well; in your family, with your friends, on the job and all other encounters.  The power you will receive is abundantly rich with blessings of all kinds.

Learn to love.  Begin by embracing the uniqueness and diversity in all people.  Allow people to express themselves without your judgment.  Honor your neighbor with respect.  Be a helpmate to those requiring a helping hand or encouraging word. Do not destroy another with negative words or thoughts. Love others where they are. Love yourself unconditionally. Loving is healing in action.  This is truly your power and it is enthusiastic and energizing.

Your power of Love is waiting to be released!



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

January 6th

 Oftentimes the only obstacle blocking us from receiving of the vast abundance God has for us is accepting our ‘value and worth.’

Many have been led to deny their story, by hearing ‘keep your business to yourself’, or similar phrases. Or perhaps you discounted your feelings because you heard, ‘things aren’t that bad.’

We hear powerful and amazing sermons, attend top-rated seminars and yet somehow we feel things just are not changing in our life.

It’s time to tell your story, to validate your worthiness and open yourself to receive ALL that God has – just for YOU!  Once we own our feelings, whatever they are now or have been in the past, we receive grace.  When we know we are whole, complete and healthy children of God, we can tell our story proudly.  We know that God has brought us through to this moment to serve as a blessing to ourselves and others.  Our trials, tribulations and subsequent victories prepared us for who we are today.  The past is gone, Thanks God.

Accepting our true nature of ‘goodness’, we can fully receive and apply the prosperity lessons we are learning. We say ‘Yes’ to God and ourselves.  Go ahead and give yourself liberty to tell your story.  You can write it out.  You can share within a safe environment, a loving support group or trusted friend. You may even find while sharing that your story is the same as another. We are each a part of the ‘One Family of God.’

Watch miracles unfold as you lovingly embrace your awesome, wonderful self.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 5th

What are your thoughts right now? Are they thoughts of abundance, prosperity, health and wholeness, peace, joy, happiness? If not, why not? It’s your choice.

Are you smiling? Smiling is an activity that can change your disposition. Do it. Smile simply because you can and I am asking you to do it. I know you feel better already. Regardless to what is appearing in your life, you can change how you feel about it. Show your appreciation for whatever is going on right now because it has come to bless you or teach you a lesson. Either way it is still a blessing.

Our thoughts determine our life. A quote from Buddha “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Don’t like what you see in your life? Change your thoughts about the situation. It is that easy. Believe in the goodness of life. Believe you are here to receive the best life has to offer. Believe you are deserving and worthy of the richness that is all around you. Trust the power and presence of The Infinite One, God. Know you are an heir to the Kingdom. All that you desire is yours for the asking.

I am thinking a New Thought today. I know I can have all that I desire. I trust the Creator, Creative Intelligence to really love me and will manifest what I ask for. I give willingly and receive willingly. This is the essence of existence. Reaping and sowing, joyfully.

Give Thanks today, right now. Be appreciative of everything you have created. Know that you can change the appearance at the very moment you decide to think differently.




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 4th

The other day I sat and decided to write down my Blessings of the previous year. I began by listing the twelve months and thought I would write one event per month. Next thing I knew, there were two, then three events or situations. Finally I ran out of room. So I listed the twelve months again and began the process all over! There is magic in doing this exercise. Some of the miracles that had unfolded for last year had not come to mind for a long time. This exercise gave me the opportunity to relive the event and be Thankful all over again and it felt great!

This year I may list my Blessings monthly. No, actually I think I will do this weekly; better still how about on a daily basis. When we remain in a state of sincere gratitude our Blessings seem to manifest at a faster pace. Or when we are focused on our Blessings life is wonderful.

So start today and make your gratitude list. My list begins with waking up this morning, with or without an alarm clock. The fact that I woke up is a Blessing. Next is my ability to get out of bed, even if I am still sleepy. It means I had a bed to sleep in and I have fully functioning body parts. As I move about my home, I am grateful for each piece of furniture that occupies my dwelling. I am thankful that I can make my first cup of coffee; thankful for the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing. I have the sense of smell and my nostrils are working as they should.

As I sit and wait for my coffee I listen to nature, the birds seem to enjoy singing to me early in the morning. Their sweet melody is music to my ears.  I look out the window and can see with my two eyes the beauty of the day. It is wonderful when the sun is shining brightly and I love it when it rains. Rain seems to always wash away and make fresh the air I can breathe. As I make my first cup of coffee I can feel the touch of the hot coffee pot, the smooth surface of the coffee cup. I can taste this delicious beverage and am extremely appreciative.

Now fully awake and functioning I can appreciate my life. I can now decide what I will think and do with this day that I have received as a Blessing. What will I leave in the space of today of my memory bank? Will it be wonder-filled, affirming thoughts and actions or negative self-defeating thoughts?

I choose this day to COUNT MY BLESSINGS, whatever they may be!!!