Make going within to that place of communion with the Creator a part of your every day. Be Still and Know. Your Peace is there in the stillness. Unconditional Love is there in the stillness. Harmony and Forgiveness lives in the stillness.

God, The Merciful One, Holy Spirit, Allah, DAO, Ascended Masters and Ancestors, Angels and Guides, The Creator is there in the stillness, waiting for you to come and visit.

Be ever present in this moment. Today, this very precious moment, is really all you have.

I was regretting the past

And fearing the futurež

Suddenly my Lord was speaking:

“My name is I AM”

He paused.

I waited. She continued,

“When you live in the past, with its mistakes and regrets,

it is hard. I am not there.

My name is not I WASž

When you live in the future, with its problems and fears, it is hardž

I am not therež

My name is not I WILL BE.

 When you live in this moment,

It is not hardž

I am herež

My name is I AM.”

By Helen Mallicoat

Be Blessed in this present moment!





November 1st

This month of the year we are centered in being Thankful. We are Thankful for the very gift of this life and all it has for us.

We are Thankful to The Creator for creating us just as we are. We are Thankful to live in such a time as this, full of wonder and modern technology. I can think of someone and within seconds I can send an email letting them know just how much I care about them. Although I still enjoy writing letters because it shows I thought enough to sit down with a pen and paper and compose something special just for that person.

We are Thankful for each and every thing that is currently present in our lives. We are Thankful because our thoughts have placed them here with us. We are Thankful because at any given time we can change the appearance of things by choosing to change our thoughts. We are Thankful that The Creator designed us that way, divine and perfect.

We are Thankful for our earthly parents that chose to participate in our coming forth in this world. We are Thankful for their presence and contributions to who we are now. We give Thanks for however they have shown up for us, it is exactly as it is, just for our growth.

We are Thankful for the multitudes that have graced our path, giving us precisely those things we desired at the time, whether they are blessings or lessons. Each came with their unique gift for us.

This month we simply celebrate each day with Thanksgiving. We give Thanks as our demonstration to The Most High of our sincere gratitude for our gift of life.

Thanks God. Thanks Allah. Thanks Jehovah. Thanks DAO. Thanks Buddha. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

The Most High is worthy to be PRAISED.



September 6th

Are you at a point where you feel fed up? Tired of the way things are showing up for you in your life? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Relinquish and Release is the answer. Giving Thanks is the solution.

Relinquish your thoughts of fear and lack. Release your need to be right. Relinquish your feelings of neediness. Release those emotions of sadness and unworthiness. Relinquish and Release all of everything that does not give you Peace and Comfort. Release each little fragment of loneliness and despair. Release, release, release.

Replace this now empty space with constant thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.

Be Thankful for everything and everybody that is now present in your existence. Give thanks for each have shown up to Bless you. It may not feel like a blessing but go ahead and be grateful anyway. Bless the traffic jam you find yourself in daily as you travel to work or school. Bless the weather regardless of its condition. The sun will shine again and the rain will shower you with liquid sunshine soon. Bless those extra pounds that have found their way to your body. Bless the bills that come in the mail and bless the creditors that extended you credit in the first place!

Give Thanks to your Source, or whatever name you use to describe The Creator. Thank God for everything big and small. Thank Allah for Mercy and Grace. Thank Jehovah for Life. Thank Buddha. Thank The Most High. Thank the Ascended Masters. Thank your Ancestors. Just give Thanks.

Be Thankful you are alive and well this day! Be Thankful for the air you breathe and for each breath you inhale. Being Thankful is a sure cure to end your feelings of being angry with the world. Shout it out loud!




In the Stillness there is peace and harmony. In the Stillness you can feel sincere Love. In the Stillness is new life!

Set aside a time each day to become totally still. Quiet your thoughts and think only on the goodness of Life. Life is the ultimate free gift from The Creator. The Most High granted you this day in your life to use exactly as you would choose to live it. What are you choosing to do with your life this day? Will you use it for good, the good of all? Will you demonstrate complete gratitude for each thing that you have beckoned into your life? Do you get the blessing and lesson in everything that is unfolding for you?

I begin my day in Stillness. I listen to the counsel of Allah before beginning my activities. I ask Jehovah for guidance. I receive the blessings of DAO. The Source is always providing me with proper direction. It is my responsibility to obey and follow what I am being led to do. I graciously accept my role in this game of life. My journey is exactly what I have called forth into being. I recognize the true gifts and discord the others. I am made wise in the Stillness.

I connect to all living life forms in the Stillness. All life, animal and human, is a part of who I am. I acknowledge the oneness and am excited. I learn from each, the lesson they have come to teach me. In my Stillness I am part of this vast Universe, I feel it deep within me.

In the Stillness I am re-energized and made new. New thoughts and new feelings are mine. My energy soars like never before. I appreciate this awesome energy. In the Stillness I seek expression of my authentic self.

In the Stillness is where God dwells, within each and every living thing. In the Stillness I am filled to overflowing with Thanksgiving and Joy. Thanks God for my life. Thanks God for abundance and prosperity. Thanks God for the Stillness and the gifts received in the Stillness.

Thanks God!


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June 5th

Do you know or feel the Indwelling Presence of God? Both are good and there is no right or wrong answer. There is a difference however.

To know you are here by the sheer Grace and Mercy of The Creator is wonderful. To understand that life exists purely by The Source breathing into all living things is powerful. To be able to explain just how marvelous the workings of God is in your life is exciting. To voice affirmations is terrific.

Yet when you allow yourself to really ‘feel’ this incredible energy that sustains you, there are no words to describe it. You simply are ‘in’ Grace and Mercy. You feel it all the way down to your toes. You feel it like a first skin. You experience the flow through every atom and cell of your body. You feel it rushing through your heart pumping miraculously to every organ, giving it more life energy. To ‘feel God’ is absolutely amazing!

I ‘feel’ the Omnipotent Presence of The Most High Source in my body, heart and blood! Just sit and ‘feel’ God in YOU! It is glorious and wonderful! It is powerful and sustaining. God is life itself.

Can you really ‘feel’ The Presence? Close your eyes for a moment. Be still. ‘Feel’ your heart beat. WOW! ‘Feel’ the blood circulating through your veins. WOW! ‘Feel’ your breath. WOW! Just experience it and appreciate it. Glow in the Love of God gifting you with Life. Just ‘BE’ in it!!!

God is the beginning, the middle and the end. Nothing comes or survives without the support of God. I can ‘feel’ the Life Source in me. I ‘feel’ it and I love IT! I appreciate and treasure it.

Thanks God, Allah, Creator, Most High, Source.

I do ‘feel’ The Life Sustaining Presence!


May 9th DI

May 9th

To meditate is to be still and listen. You do not need any special skills or gifts or words to say. Simply be still. To be still is to be alone without any outside disturbances. No noise. Meditation is just sitting in the quietness of life.

I once thought that you had to know special chants or say a special prayer or something else was required of me before I could go into meditation. I have been told several times in the past that it has nothing to do with any special words, hums, chants or phrases. If you had knowledge and wanted to use them that it was okay however that should never stop a person from meditating. So I reluctantly began to sit and be still. It was a learned habit as with anything else. In the beginning it was a challenge to be still and quiet. Soon my daily practice was appreciated and honored by all who know that in the morning I am not to be disturbed because that is the time I have designated as my prayer and meditation time.

How do I do it? I have a meditation tape that I listen to as I soak thirty minutes in the morning. Yes it does mean that I get up earlier to get this accomplished. Recently I did my meditation at midnight and was pleasantly surprised by the amazing gift I received during meditation. It was awesome and exhilarating. I did not want to come out of this experience. Unlike the morning when it prepares me to go about the business of the day, the night was soothing and prepared me for a deep sleep. So whatever time works for you is your best time.

You do not need a tape. When you have identified the best time of day for you others will respect your request for privacy. Fill the tub and just relax. If there is a question or concern you desire assistance with, just ask it. You can meditate sitting in a chair or lying down in your bed. All I want to express here is there is absolutely nothing extra required other than your desire to listen to The Infinite Intelligence speak to you. Your answers will come.

At a loss for words, just give Thanks for your life. Shout Praises to Allah. Keep repeating, I GIVE THANKS, I GIVE THANKS, I GIVE THANKS. And you will be blessed with Peace and Joy!



March 25th

I am excited today! I am alive, well and loving life! Watch out, if you do not wish to be hit by this contagious emotion then get out of the way. I am about to explode with this incredible feeling.

Why am I excited? Simply because I choose to be. Because I am here among the living. I am happy and joyous. I am Excited.

Every thing big and small is more glorious to me this day! I am so excited and ready to tell the world about it! There is not a single incident that has occurred other than my deciding to be EXCITED!

I share my excitement with you. Would you like to be totally hit by this emotion? Okay, then stand right there where I can see you easily. You are required to only smile big for the camera. Got it? Ready?

You have been successfully scanned; you are virus free and now updated with this wonderful emotion of EXCITEMENT!

Observe and be careful, people will be looking at you wondering what in the world is wrong with you. You can zap them with it if you choose. Remind them they are alive and well. Tell them this gift of life is free and they do not have to work for it. Tell them the All-Knowing Presence of The Creator is breathing Life into them, free of charge. If they do not believe you remind them of the blood that circulates life in their body. Remind them their life is neither for sale nor can they purchase it. It is absolutely free. If that does not make them Excited, oh well!

As for me, I Am Excited and Thankful to be alive and well this day!

I Thank God for my existence. I sing Praises to The Most High. I Am Grateful to Allah.