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 February 15th

I got G.A.S.

G – God

A – Angels and Ancestors

S – Self

I am filled up and ready for Miracles!!!

I am excited today. I am filled up and ready. I am ready to receive my Blessings of Unlimited Miracles. I have prepared myself for a time such as this. I Am WORTHY AND DESERVING! I trust the process of Life!

My G.A.S. station is always open, it never closes. I pull in for a fill up whenever I require more. I tip the tank off. I use the highest octane, God! I run smoothly through the highways and byways of life. I get better and better mileage as I use this high octane in my tank!

Miracles are unfolding for me every single day. Every moment is filled with wonder and delight. I Am alive and well. I Am enthusiastic about living. My engine is revved up and purring. I Am running on pure awesome Adrenalin of empowerment. I remain Thankful and Appreciative of every mile I travel.

The G.A.S. is free! The price never changes. The price is my consciousness. I choose to be free, to live free and to allow others to be free. I am free of worry, doubt and fear. I truly desire and deserve only the best. My choice is higher awareness of my connection to Source, to The Most High, to The Creator.

My attending Angels and Ancestors are dutiful in caring for my every need. They service me in all ways. I need only pull into the station and they are there waiting for me. I call to them and they respond. They express gratitude for me choosing them because they have been waiting for my visit.

I Am ready for Major Miracles! I graciously accept Major Miracles! Major Miracles flood my every desire!!! I give Thanks.




It is amazing that we each have ANGELS ALL AROUND US! You must recognize them to understand the powerful gifts that they hold for you.

Do you entertain the thought that God uses everyday folks like you and me to do the Kingdom building work? Do you really listen for their messages to you? Often time people just relay the message without knowing Who the message is from. Have you ever had someone to tell you something that answered a question or concern you had? And when we are stubborn, the message gets repeated by several people. Same message just a little twist on the messenger.

I have experienced people who told me they were around to do a particular thing but they appeared to help me resolve an issue I had. I listen to each person because I never know where my answer is coming from or who will be delivering it to me. It may be a small child or it may be a stranger. It may come in the observance of nature. Messages are being given to us all the time. Our only duty is to be aware of these gifts.

Remember when you were little and it seemed all the adults were watching out for you? Well they still are. We just need to listen more and accept the knowledge and wisdom coming from others. Truly angels are all around us. They are waiting to be acknowledged and welcomed into your life.

Sometimes angels are on the other side of this physical reality. Ever think you heard your deceased friend or relative voice giving you some advice on how  to do or not do a certain thing? You hear their voice plain and clear yet you discount the message because you know they are no longer present in the physical body we are accustomed to seeing. Open your heart and mind to receiving their messages of help and guidance.

I Love the fact that I have….ANGELS ALL AROUND ME!!!




God’s Calvary can consist of your friends and family; your earthly Angels and/or strangers. The Calvary has come to protect you on the battle field of earth versus heavenly reality.

Your friends are God’s gifts to you. They have each been assigned and placed on your path to serve a particular role in assisting you to get where you say you desire to go and to become who you say you want to become. They have agreed to serve in this position and some roles are for a lifetime while others are temporary. We cannot keep a person who is only here for us temporarily, permanently. This disturbs the balance and may block the next person who is assigned to help us. Friends are gifts.

Your Earth Angels have received their instructions from The Most High. Their duty is to serve and protect you. You know the person who is always available even if you act out with them? The person you seek when you need to hear yourself talk out loud; the person who just knows when to tell you to heed to your warning signs. Earth Angels are a precious commodity and should be handled with extreme care.

Strangers appear when we are so consumed by the physical appearances that we have placed ourselves out of touch with our friends, family or Earth Angels. We feel alienated and alone, afraid to say what we are experiencing. With a stranger we are free to be our self, there is no fear in hearing what we have shared with them. We have a tendency to feel safe expressing who we are with a stranger, someone who does not know our past.

All of these individuals have their respective roles to play in fulfilling the assignments given to them by God. Learn to respect each one for their Blessing in your life.

God uses people as messengers when we are stuck or require guidance.

God’s Calvary is amazing and truly strengthened by Holy Power! Energized by the One Power and Presence that sustains all life!!!



Let’s crank this thing up, this thing of life that is. Let us get motivated about our unique contributions we are to make and leave a legacy of honor to our children, grandchildren and generations to come grandchildren.


We accept all children of the world as our children. We have a global family and are parents worldwide. We embrace all little ones as our own, knowing that it is our responsibility to ensure none get left behind or are forgotten about. When we see children suffering it becomes our obligation to correct the injustice. We are each responsible for the whole of our babies.


Stir up the masses to understand and over-stand the role they must play in protecting and providing for the little ones. We must not abuse nor abandon. We must honor them with love and respect. We must teach the values that are true and righteous.


Stir it up in your community and with your friends. It is indeed the time, our time to make a conscious effort to improve our environment and build it up. We are heirs to the Kingdom and as good Sheppards we are to leave this world in a better way than we came here. That is our call to duty.


Stir it up within your spirit, Light that fire of worth and passion. Allow the flame to blaze with your acceptance of Who you are, a child of The Most High, Creator, The Infinite Source. Stir it up inside of you. Trust that you are ordained for Greatness and let nothing stop you from achieving it.


Stir it up in your family. Set high expectations for your self and all others. Set the example of being a servant to humanity. Allow your self to be in compliance with God’s Truth. Transform society through giving the best we have for the betterment of the whole.


Stir it up. Shake it up. Let us go to work.


We Are Family, I got all my sisters and brothers with me. (Pointers Sisters)



The first month of the year is about to come to an end. What magnificent accomplishments have you realized? Are you experiencing more Peace and Joy? Is your life more abundant in finances? Has your health improved? Are your relationships overflowing with Unconditional Love?

It is time to manifest exactly what we desire! Why Now? Why not now? We are ripe for the picking and choosing. Now is the time, that is why now!

When you get to the fork in the road, know you are on the right path. Then at the fork you will make the right choice. Enjoy the experience you are in currently. When you decide to do something different know that you will know and how to do it will be made crystal clear to you.

Think empowering thoughts. Now is the time to calm that inner dialogue and choose life affirming statements to say to yourself. For example:
“I will always make the Right decision!”
“In the river of life I will end up in the Ocean!”
“I Am a Success Story!”
“Now is always the right time to put something positive in my mind.”
“Now is my time to allow my Greatness to Manifest!!!”

“I Give Thanks for NOW!”



Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? You have prayed long and hard. You have petitioned God, the Creator, Allah to Bless you. You have sat with yourself asking when your time is coming. The only question that still remains, are you really ready to receive?

Have you given sincere gratitude for what you have currently? Do you truly appreciate the goodness in your present situation? Give thanks now. Prepare yourself in a thankful attitude to fully receive your Blessings.

When your Blessings arrive, will you be able to recognize them? Do you have a fixed picture of what it will look like? Or are you open to the miraculous workings of Holy Spirit to Bless you beyond anything you could possibly imagine?

I choose to visualize always allowing room for more than what I ask for. In other words I always leave room for God to add more to my request. For instance, if I desire money I may ask for a certain amount, but my disclaimer to the Universe is always….That or something better! I desire to remain open to abundance freely flowing through my life.

I Am ready. I have opened myself to accept and firmly believe that I Am Worthy. This alone can add such wonder to your life. I stand erect knowing without doubt that I can and I will achieve my success. I talk to myself constantly, reminding myself of my goodness; reminding myself that I am created for riches of all kinds. I keep that focus firmly implanted in my thoughts.

Are you really ready to receive your Blessings? God is ready to Bless YOU! You must be ready at all times. It may not come when it’s convenient for you. It may be disguised as something else all together. Remember the parable about the person who prayed for help during a flood. Help came in three different forms but the person was waiting for his held thoughts to be manifested. So he missed being rescued, only because he refused the Blessings that were sent. Count it all a Blessing.
Go ahead and get yourself ready! Be grateful. Be of good cheer. Be a good steward of what you already have. And so the question remains,



Picture 003

During the busy holiday shopping days, my friend Joyce and I visited a shopping center to buy some books. The shopping center was crowded with holiday shoppers. We went about our business, not really concerned about anything in particular. As we left the book store there were several folks walking through the center with huge posters saying “Free Hugs”. I did not see them because my attention was in getting out of the crowd. However Joyce saw them and was excited to see them. She received their free gift! Joyce called to me and said “Sandy you must not have seen them.” As I turned around I witnessed the most awesome site I had seen the entire season. Several beautiful people Smiling so brightly, they lit the entire atmosphere with Love and Acceptance. Indeed I wanted my hug. I was quickly embraced with genuine Love, the hug felt like magic. It calmed me down and allowed me to reflect on the goodness of life and of this season in particular. It is an experience I will always remember. So while in the midst of confusion there is always room for expressions of LOVE!
Today, I choose to give Free Hugs! It may not be physical hugs. It can be sending Love through the cell phone lines. It can be holding a person in prayer. It can be totally absorbed in positive, life affirming thoughts about myself and others. It can be finally releasing an unloving incident with forgiveness and replacing it with thoughts of love. It can be whatever I choose it to be.
I am giving Free Hugs today! I send LOVE out into the Universe. I am sending Peace energy to everyone, those I know and those I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. I am sending the energy of Compassion. I send thoughts of pure JOY!

How many Free Hugs will I be able to give out today?